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2016.10.05 | Staff, PhD students

Full Semester Course in Danish

For the international staff, as well as their spouses, who’d like to take free Danish classes along the semester, starting with the beginning of November. The application deadline is 23 October


2016.09.27 | Staff, Students

New beginner Crash Course in Danish in October

For the international staff, as well as their spouses, who’d like to have a fast start-up in Danish. The course will take place from 10 to 21 October. Application deadline 2 October!

2016.09.22 | Staff, PhD students

New Lærdansk Coordinator on Campus

Sandra Păduroiu is the new Lærdansk (Learn Danish) Coordinator to assist you with any questions about Danish courses at Aarhus University. Sandra takes over from Simona Badulescu and started her work on 1. august 2016.

2016.09.15 | PhD students, Staff

BORA BORA - Dance and Visual Theatre

New season: Become a KluBora member and buy cheap tickets.

2016.09.12 | PhD students

Fulbright Joint Grants – Danish students only

Fulbright Kommissionen udbyder legater til danske studerende, som vil læse på kandidat- eller ph.d.-niveau i USA. Den 5. oktober 2016 kl.12 er der ansøgningsfrist til Fullbright Joint Grants.

Inauguration of ISC’s new premises at Kløvermarksvej 4 in Aarhus in 1966. Among the guests were Mayor of Aarhus, Bernhardt Jensen and the Foreign Secretary from Danida, Christian Christiansen. Karl-Heinz Westarp was Chairman of the ISC board.

2016.09.09 | PhD students

International Student Centre celebrates 50 years of internationalisation

Aarhus University celebrates the 50th anniversary of International Student Centre, now part of Studenterhus Aarhus, on 4 October - and you're invited to join!

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