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2016.11.29 | UIC, Staff, PhD students

UIC Christmas Party: SIGN UP HERE

Sign up now for the UIC 19th annual christmas party.

You can vote for your relevant boards directly on your laptop.

2016.11.21 | PhD students

University elections - your vote counts

Use your right to vote and influence who will become members of your PhD Committee. The deadline for voting is Thursday 24 November at 16:00.

2016.11.15 | PhD students, Staff

UIC Language Exchange

The UIC offers international staff and spouses the opportunity to practise Danish, English, or any other language, provided that a partner can be found.

2016.11.15 | PhD students, Staff

UIC International PlayGroup

International PlayGroup is arranged in collaboration with Dokk1, and is particularly for young children and their parents.

2016.11.11 | PhD students, Staff

New UIC Coffee/Tea Morning Club

On Wednesday 23 November UIC starts up a new Coffee/Tea Morning Club.

2016.11.11 | PhD students

Conference on International Recruitment, 22 November

The conference will discuss the challenges and opportunities linked to international recruitment under the heading "International Recruitment - Between a dynamic workforce and retaining excellent researchers".

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