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2018.01.31 | Staff, PhD students

Do you need to park at AU?

From 1 February, more parking areas at AU will be reserved for AU employees. If you would like to use these parking areas, and haven't registered your car, remember to do so at

2018.01.15 | PhD students


The newspaper ‘Information’ will conduct PhD Cup in cooperation with DR and the Lundbeck Foundation

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2018.01.15 | Staff

Afternoon meetings and network activities

Are you a young researcher and would you like to explore the funding opportunities in the Danish and European funding landscape?

Lærdansk, AU

2018.01.15 | Staff

Full Semester Course in Danish

For international staff members of Aarhus University, as well as for their partners, who’d like to study Danish through an efficient learning process, guided by experienced teachers. Application deadline 4 February 2018.

Lærdansk, AU

2018.01.15 | Staff

Crash Course in Danish

Dedicated to the international staff members of Aarhus University, as well as their partners, who’d like to have a fast start-up in Danish. Application deadline 14 January 2018.

Photo: Jesper Rais, AU

2018.01.15 | Staff

Jens Christian Skou Fellowships

Up to 4 JCS Fellowships available for Aarhus University employees.

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