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2016.11.15 | PhD students, Staff

UIC Language Exchange

The UIC offers international staff and spouses the opportunity to practise Danish, English, or any other language, provided that a partner can be found.

2016.11.15 | PhD students, Staff

UIC International PlayGroup

International PlayGroup is arranged in collaboration with Dokk1, and is particularly for young children and their parents.

2016.11.11 | PhD students, Staff

New UIC Coffee/Tea Morning Club

On Wednesday 23 November UIC starts up a new Coffee/Tea Morning Club.

2016.11.11 | PhD students

Conference on International Recruitment, 22 November

The conference will discuss the challenges and opportunities linked to international recruitment under the heading "International Recruitment - Between a dynamic workforce and retaining excellent researchers".

2016.11.11 | PhD students

4 ph.d.-stillinger ved Det Europæiske Universitetsinstitut i Firenze (in Danish only)

Danmark udbyder 4 ph.d.-stillinger ved Det Europæiske Universitetsinstitut i Firenze med uddannelsesstart i september.

Lærdansk Danish Crash Course

2016.11.11 | PhD students, Staff

The last beginner Crash Course in Danish for this year

Dedicated to the international staff members of Aarhus University, as well as their spouses, who’d like to have a fast start-up in Danish.

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