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AU Mentor PhD

'A mentor is a person that makes a difference in another person's life by passing on his or her knowledge and experiences.'

AU Mentor PhD is an offer to the PhD students from all four faculties at Aarhus University (Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Health and Science & Technology). The overall goal of the mentor programme is to bring you and the business community closer together in order to ease your prospective transition from university to a career outside of academia.  

The programme consists of mentors and mentees with mutual interests and whose participation is voluntary. The mentoring relationship is based on trust and confidentiality between you and your mentor and it can therefore be terminated at any time, if either of you wishes to do so. It is the experiences which the mentor has gained with regards to his/her own career that make up the foundation of the mentor programme at AU Mentor PhD.


The mentor programme - information and application

The mentor program runs once a year with the following deadlines:  

Application deadline: August 15th
Kick-off: October 15th  


Then the matching will begin, and we will do everything we can to match you with the right mentor to help and challenge you.


After the application deadline, there will be an introductory briefing. Here you will be prepared for your new role as a mentee and learn how to make the most of your relationship with your mentor.

The mentoring

We recommend at least 5 meetings during a period of 10 months. You are of course very welcome to continue the mentor relation beyond the 10 months. When you and your mentor first meet it is important to talk about what you expect to get out of the mentoring; to help you do this you can use our mentor contract. Hereafter it is your responsibility to contact your mentor, arrange meetings and decide which topics you want to discuss.

After 10 months the mentor programme will officially end with an evaluation.

Applying for a mentor

The 2017 application is now open! Fill out the form via the link below.


You are always welcome to contact AU Mentor PhD if you want to know more about the mentor programme and/or want to become a mentor.

Programme administrator: Vibeke Broe, e-mail:, phone: +45 2942 6029 

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