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22.12.2016 | PhD students

Registration for Information's PhD Cup

The newspaper ‘Information’ will conduct PhD Cup in cooperation with DR and the Lundbeck Foundation.

Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark's most famous author known for fairy tales such as "The Little Mermaid".

09.12.2016 | Staff, PhD students

Theatre Performance: Hans Christian, you must be an angel

Get a discounted ticket for Gruppe 38's theatre performance: "Hans Christian, you must be angel" about Hans Christian Andersen's life and work. Tickets available for 19 December at 11:00 and 19:00.

07.12.2016 | Staff

Christmas break at the International Centre

The International Centre, International Academic Staff Services and International Citizen Service will be closed between Christmas and New Year.

29.11.2016 | PhD students

Informationsmøde - Det Europæiske Universitetsinstitut i Firenze (in Danish only)

Hør mere om PhD-programmerne ved Det Europæiske Universitetsinstitut i Firenze d. 2. december i København.

29.11.2016 | UIC, Staff, PhD students

UIC Christmas Party: SIGN UP HERE

Sign up now for the UIC 19th annual christmas party.

You can vote for your relevant boards directly on your laptop.

21.11.2016 | PhD students

University elections - your vote counts

Use your right to vote and influence who will become members of your PhD Committee. The deadline for voting is Thursday 24 November at 16:00.

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