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05.07.2017 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

New rules about free Danish education

From 1 July 2017 new rules about free Danish education for adult internationals will be implemented. The new rules will have an impact on current and future course participants.

05.07.2017 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

Aarhus City Welcome 29 September

All internationals are invited on 29 September at 15:30-18:30 – expats, repats, and international students. Whether you are a newcomer or have lived here for long, we are looking forward to see you at the Aarhus City Welcome.

05.07.2017 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

Using mobile phones abroad

AU’s mobile phones and iPads are not covered by the new EU “roam like at home” rules which ensure that the price is the same whether you use your mobile phone in Denmark or in other EU countries. For this reason, please continue to think twice before using your mobile phone abroad. Read more about this here and find out what you can do.

28.06.2017 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

Hearts & Minds: A Knowledge Festival about Food

Join the knowledge festival organised by the Folkeuniversitetet, and get inspiration for the good life.

12.06.2017 | Staff, UIC

Research Leadership Development Programme

AU HR is offering a leadership development programme for researchers with management responsibilities at AU. Registration deadline 11 September 2017.

07.06.2017 | PhD students, Staff


Aarhus Letbane has begun test-driving the new trams in central Aarhus. The test route is currently expanded from the University Hospital in Skejby to Aarhus Central Station via Olof Palmes Allé, Nehrus Allé, Randersvej, Nørrebrogade, and the harbour front.

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