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UIC summer greetings

2018.07.11 | UIC, Staff, PhD students

Summer Greetings from the UIC

The University International Club (UIC) sends its best summer greetings to all university staff and families.

2018.07.10 | PhD students, Staff

Be aware of frauds

Unfortunately, some AU employees have been subject to fraud via various media channels.

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

2018.07.10 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

News from the senior management no. 22/2018

Rector wishes everyone a lovely summer! The last issue before the summer presents the rector’s summer greeting. See the video and judge the rector’s singing skills!

Lærdansk courses 
A2B courses

2018.07.06 | PhD students, Staff, Accompanying partners

New law about Danish Education came into effect on 1 July

What are the consequences of the new law? What Danish courses can I now take? How do I make an informed decision? Read more about the new law and its consequences.

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

2018.07.06 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

A Guide to Renting a Home in Denmark

The renting procedures can be different from the ones in your home country, so be prepared when going on a property search. International Community have worked out a guide to rental procedures.

Research paper

2018.07.02 | PhD students

PhD Course: How to get published

A joint PhD Course focusing on aspects of the publication process. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines.

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Thu 29 Nov
09:00-15:30 | Aarhus Universitet, Studenterhusfonden, Frederiks Nielsens vej 4, meeting room 2
Wed 05 Dec
15:00-17:30 | Stakladen (Canteen at the AU Student House), Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2, Bldg. 1422, 8000 Aarhus C.
UIC 20th Annual Christmas Party
You are cordially invited to the 20th Annual UIC Christmas Party! Enjoy this cosy time of the year together with your international family in the UIC.

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