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2019.01.11 | UIC, Staff, PhD students, Accompanying partners

The GO GLOCAL Award!

The UIC is nominated for the Go Glocal People’s Choice Award. The award is given to an organization that contributes to making internationals feel at home.

2019.01.11 | Staff, PhD students, Accompanying partners, Students

Help us evaluate our Danish courses

Join our focus group and help influence the future Danish course offers at AU!

2019.01.04 | Staff, PhD students, Accompanying partners


abcSPROG would like to introduce a series of workshops that allows participants to deepen their knowledge of the English language, get to grips with grammar and vocabulary and practise using English in context.

Photo: A2B

2018.12.18 | Staff, PhD students, Accompanying partners

Are you still not as good at Danish as you wish to be?

From January 2019 at A2B, you will be able to take FVU courses, if you wish to improve your reading.

Photo: Lærdansk

2018.12.18 | Staff, PhD students, Accompanying partners

Danish Crash course in January

Exclusively for international staff and accompanying partners from Aarhus University, who want like to learn Danish quickly.

2018.12.14 | UIC, PhD students, Staff, Accompanying partners

UIC Christmas Party 2018: A successful evening!

On December 5th, Stakladen opened its doors to the 20th Annual UIC Christmas Party.

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