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2018.02.16 | Staff

IDCN event: Job Opportunities through Volunteering

The next IDCN event is coming up and will be hosted by RegionMidt on February 28.

2018.02.15 | Staff

Full Semester Course in Danish

For international staff members at Aarhus University, as well as their partners, who would like to study Danish through an efficient learning process guided by experienced teachers. Application deadline 21 March 2018.

2018.02.15 | Staff, PhD students

New English course for international employees at AU

On 6 March a new English course starts at AU. The course is for you, if you would like to improve your English for the AU workplace. Application deadline 19 February.

2018.02.15 | Staff, PhD students

Intensive English Course begins in April

From 30 April to 4 May AU offers a week-long intensive English course to enable you to improve your spoken English in a targeted and relevant way. Application deadline 30 March.

2018.02.15 | PhD students, Staff

Academic English Writing Workshop starts on 16 May

The aim of this 5 session workshop is to help you improve your academic writing skills in English. The workshop is open to all faculty members at Aarhus University who wish to improve their academic writing skills in English. Application deadline 16 April.

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2018.02.14 | PhD students, Staff

Daily life in Denmark

In order to ease the process of settling down, we have gathered some information to help you. On the page Daily Life, you can find information about Danish news in English, food and the Danish cuisine, International specialty shops in and around Aarhus, living costs, internet providers and more.

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