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The board

The board of the Arts PhD Network aims at fulfilling the network’s purpose. The three main areas of the faculty are ensured equal representation of the board; School of Communication and Culture, School of Culture and Society, and Danish School of Education/Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media have three seats each. The board is elected for one year at the annual general assembly in September.


Board meetings

The board of Arts PhD Network typically organises open meetings once or twice per semester. It is strongly recommended that PhD students, representing Arts PhD students on various boards, participate in the board meetings. Any other Arts PhD student is welcome to do the same. Information about upcoming meetings is announced here and on facebook.


The current board

From School of Communication and Culture/Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media:

  • Heidi Agerbo Pedersen
  • Jonas Frich Pedersen
  • Ana Isabel Leal Lobato    

From School of Culture and Society:

  • NN

From Danish School of Education:

  • NN

Read more about the board and the network in the statutes.

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