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Forms and templates



PhD students’ paid work for departments (840 hours)

Experience of teaching or other form of knowledge dissemination

PhD students' work at the department.


PhD dissertation

For further information please see this page: PhD dissertation

Template for presentation folders in connection with PhD defences: Danish version - English version

Submission (with prior enrolment)

Submission (without prior enrolment)

Salary and employment

Parental leave

Please notice that the forms are different whether you are a 4+4 student (part A or part B) or a 5+3 student (employed or not employed at Aarhus University). Make sure that you fill out the correct form.

After the deadline has passed for submission of form No. 2 it is not possible to change the information in the form.

PhD fellows employed by Aarhus University

PhD students NOT employed by Aarhus University (enrolment only)

  • 5+3 and 4+4 (part B), both mother and father
    • Forms:
    • Deadlines:
      • Form 1: must be submitted 3 months prior to birth (mother) / 4 weeks prior to birth (father)
      • Form 2: must be submitted 8 weeks after birth
      • Form 3: must be submitted 16 weeks prior to leave

Illness and other absence

4+4 (part A)

5+3 and 4+4 (part B)

Care leave

Other leave

Leave between part A and part B of 4+4:


  • Travel expenses: AURUS (in Danish)

  • Extra travel funding from the Graduate School, Arts. Application form: Danish version - English version

  • Extra AUFF-funding for research stays abroad (minimum 2 months): English version
    Application deadlines: 1 March, 1 June and 1 October every year

    Retrospective applications are not permitted. In other words, you can only apply for accommodation and travelling expenses for trips which have not yet started.


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