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Conference rooms

The Dale T. Mortensen Building contains two modern conference rooms. The conference rooms are prioritized for PhD activities, either courses on transversal skills, PhD association activities or graduate school activities.

Booking Conditions


Please direct your inquiry about reservation of meeting rooms by writing an e-mail to Lena Melchior Villadsen,

Please indicate in the e-mail:

  • Day and time of reservation
  • Purpose of the reservation
  • Contact person – name, e-mail, phone number, place of work at AU
  • Whether the reservation is preliminary or final


A keycard for the room can be requested from secretary Lena Melchior Villadsen,, room 119, International Centre. Otherwise, you can make an appointment with one of the IC staff to open the room.

The building is open from 7:30 to 16:00. If you leave the building after 16:00, you will not be able to enter the building without a keycard.


You are responsible for ordering catering and to set up for and clear up after the meeting yourself. Catering can be ordered eg. from the Studenterhusfonden,

Tidy up

You must tidy up the room after use. This includes clearing and wiping off the tables, brushing off the chairs and packing away tableware etc. Clearing off and tidying up should be included in your reservation period. Please put tables and chairs back in their original position and put up the chairs.

At expiry of the reservation period the room must be ready to use by the next party.


Please make sure to inform the International Centre in due time if you will not be needing the room after all.

AV equipment

If you will be using the AV-equipment in the room, it is your responsibility to work the equipment and to bring a laptop if you are to use the projector. You will find a short guide in conference room 1 and 2 on how to work the AV-equipment.

Wireless network

The wireless network in the room is the same as the one used at the rest of AU. Therefore, you must log on with your own AU login. You must log on to to create a guest login for possible guest users, who are not registered at AU.

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