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The GO GLOCAL Award!

The UIC is nominated for the Go Glocal People’s Choice Award. The award is given to an organization that contributes to making internationals feel at home.

2019.01.11 | Anne Pletschette Langer

GO GLOCAL is a new initiative that aims to highlight Aarhus as an attractive career destination by contributing to the internationalization of the city. The cornerstone of GO GLOCAL is the visualization of the many international actors in Aarhus together with the granting of two awards at a conference on 30 January. At this conference two international actors or companies will be recognized for their efforts and their ability to inspire others. The UIC has been nominated for the GO GLOCAL People’s Choice Award.

GO GLOCAL Award and The People’s Choice Award

GO GLOCAL will award two prizes at the conference: the GO GLOCAL Award and the GO GLOCAL - The People’s Choice Award. The awards aim to recognize two international actors, who have made a significant effort in incorporating going glocal to their strategy.

The GO GLOCAL – People’s Choice Award recognizes an individual, team or organization from the international community that:

  • Provides a great effort for the internationalization of Aarhus
  • Contributes to giving international newcomers and citizens a warm welcome

See the nominees for the GO GLOCAL People’s Choice Award on the GO GLOCAL website,

You can vote for the nominees for the People’s Choice Award. See the nominees

The UIC is nominated with this video   

The GO GLOCAL Award recognizes a company or organization that:

  • Provides many initiatives towards the internationalization of Aarhus
  • Focuses on recruiting and retaining international employees and repats
  • Contributes to the image of Aarhus as an attractive career destination 
  • Promotes integration and diversity
  • Leads and inspires less experienced companies and organizations

Aarhus University has been nominated for the GO GLOCAL Award. 

GO GLOCAL – The Conference

The conference takes place for the very first time at the beautiful City Hall on January 30, 2019.

After that the conference will be held every second year where new international actors have the opportunity to present their involvement in GO GLOCAL. Furthermore, more experienced actors can present their newest progress and initiatives towards making Aarhus an attractive career destination for international employees.

Read more about the Conference and how to sign up

GO GLOCAL is a project between Erhverv Aarhus/international Community and the Municipality of Aarhus.

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