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UIC Spring Programme 2019

The new UIC Spring Programme will soon be published and distributed to all institutes and centres at AU.

2019.01.25 | Christine Hylleberg Ørsøe Juul

UIC Spring Programme 2019

UIC Spring Programme 2019

University International Club

University International Club - UIC organises ongoing events and is looking forward to launching the spring programme, which offers many activities such as seminars, workshops, and informal meetings in favor of the many internationals connected with Aarhus University. This includes:

  • International Academic Staff Services 
  • International PhD students
  • Guest employees at AU
  • Partners, children, and friends

See the UIC Spring Programme.

The spring programme can be commissioned by contacting Daniela Trifiletti.

The UIC focuses on integrating internationals into the university and city, and therefore the doors are open to all interested in establishing a good community with internationals and (new) employees at AU.

Many different activities at the UIC

English is the common language spoken among participants. The UIC offers the opportunity to meet with other AU employees as well as participants from elsewhere in the city. Everyone is welcome to attend regularly or to just a single event.

UIC Activities:

Get an overview in the UIC's Events and News calendar

All offers are listed on the UIC website, which is a good idea to visit regularly to follow updates or changes.

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