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Utrecht Network Young Researchers Grant

Aarhus University is a part of the Utrecht Network. The Utrecht Network Young Researcher’s Grant is designed to promote and further enhance the Network’s support to students and staff as well as broaden mobility between the Network's institutions.

2019.01.11 | Anne Pletschette Langer

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Within the framework of the Young Researchers Grant up to 15 scholarships of €1,000 each will be offered to students.

The Utrecht Network Young Researchers Grant is for self-organized mobility at one of the Utrecht Network partner universities. The grant is limited to thesis research at Masters or PhD level. Students are allowed to take courses as well. However, priority will be given to ‘research-only’ PhD students.

Can you apply?                                          


  • Thesis research at Masters/PhD level
  • Length of stay: 1 - 6 months (mobility is not restricted to semesters, but may also take place during the holidays)
  • Study/research period including the application is self-organized. Students are expected to check possible research areas of the university they want to apply to and to find the supervisor by themselves. It is considered that this task is part of the student’s project and should be done by the student
  • Students, who are eligible for an ERASMUS grant, cannot apply for this grant
  • You can only apply for the grant if your mobility takes place at a university part of the Utrecht Network. Please check the members section for an overview of all member institutions. 

How to apply?

Application deadline: February 1st, 2019

Please check the info sheet for further information  

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