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Winter break in Aarhus

With or without sunshine the city of Aarhus is a great place to explore, especially during special holidays like the winter break. There is a wide variety of events and free activities around the city for both adults and/or families with kids.

2019.01.25 | Christine Hylleberg Ørsøe Juul

Winter in Aarhus

Top Free Activities

Surprisingly to many, Aarhus offers a good number of free activities around the city for everyone to enjoy. Among our favourites are:

Botanical Gardens and the Green Houses

Aarhus ‘Central Park’ is located in a hilly area and close to downtown, the botanical gardens are an absolute wonder for those who enjoy jogging, walking the dog, a picnic in summer or simply tumbling in the green carpet this park has to offer. At the end line of it towards the city, the visitor will find the Green Houses, an attraction that invites to explore the wonderful ecosystems found in the tropical regions of the planet.

Find opening hours and additional information about Botanical Gardens 


This natural park offers an amazing experience not only due to wonderful nature but also by a great number of wild animals as deer and wild boar. It is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, a walk, a stroll or simply a family time out.

Find additional information about the Deerpark 

Risskov (Forest)

The thick vegetation, the tall tree roof and a spectacular view over the bay of Aarhus makes this forest a very popular destination for visitors and residents of the area. It is the favourite track for runners, dog owners and families with children ready to explore the magic of the forest. 

Salling Rooftop

A breath-taking urban rooftop that allows visitors to enjoy the skyline of the city of Aarhus. There are a great number of events and entertainment on regular basis. There is a glass plate 27mts above the ground, which challenges visitors as you stand on top of the main shopping street, Strøget.

Find opening hours and additional information about Salling Rooftop 


Aarhus Concert Hall includes a number of free events in the year calendar, and it is not the exception during this winter break. From classical music to activities outdoors, this is a great place to go during free time. There are five different free events, which everyone can enjoy during this period.

Check the Musikhuset events calendar 


Most museums in the city of Aarhus and nearby areas will create a special program over the different holidays throughout the year. The following are those who are offering a great events program for those enjoying some time off.

Moesgaard Museum offers different exhibitions and a special exhibition on Genghis Khan – Mongolia’s nomads 

ARoS Art Museum provides many special exhibitions, and you can experience the popular Rainbow Panorama 

Steno Museum invites all children to become astronauts and to enjoy a trip to outer space

The Old Town always offers various interesting exhibitions and storytelling about Denmark back in the days

The Women's Museum is always a pleasure to visit, and it has a cosy café as well

Winter break with the children

Despite the size of the city, Aarhus is characterized as being a place that is family centred, meaning that there is a never-ending offer of activities and events for children and their accompanying adults. Some of the top activities we recommend during this winter break are:

Dokk1 and other local libraries

Dokk1 offers an area on floor 2 and 2.2 with a vast number of designated places for children, according to their ages, available on a daily basis for the use of all families coming by. Most local libraries have similar offers. Their event calendars are filled with activities for all groups and ages and in the majority of cases, they would not require a sign-up or a fee.

Check the calendar of events of all libraries

DGI Huset

This activity and fitness house offers a special program for the winter break called ‘aktiv ferie’ where visitors can roll, jump,  run  and play around in this spacious location, equipped with trampolines, ropes and all the other elements needed to make it a wonderful experience.

Find opening hours and additional information about DGI Huset 

Swimming Halls

Without a doubt a very popular activity for families all around Denmark. There are swimming halls across the municipality at extraordinary locations where all the family can enjoy a wonderful time. Most of them will have a special area for babies and an additional one for toddlers with all the necessary elements for their safety and recreation.

The main ones are Gellerupbadet, Badeanstalten Spanien, Aarhus Svømmestadion and Lyseng Svømmebad.  

Find all the information about swimming halls

Tivoli Friheden

Tivoli Friheden offers four roller coasters, 40 rides, stalls, games and playgrounds. 

Aarhus Børnehøjskole

Aarhus Børnehøjskole provides a special winter event for children, including a physics show and outdoor bathing. 

Read more about the Aarhus Børnehøjskole winter events (in Danish) 

Read more about Aarhus Børnehøjskole (in English)

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