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A2B Danish courses

A2B offers Danish courses: Beginner, advanced, and tailor made courses are now being held around the country.

2018.11.13 | Lene Bekker Lassen

A2B Danish Course

A2B Danish Course

A2B is very happy and proud to tell that both their ministerial Danish education and their tailor made Danish courses have been well-received by AU staff – both foreign and Danish. Thanks a lot for the corporation so far.

This means that A2B is now represented with 19 Danish courses at these institutes:

  • Economy, Management, Communication and Culture, Culture and Society, Political Science and Law - all in Aarhus
  • Environmental Science in Risø
  • Danish Centre For Food And Agriculture in Flakkebjerg
  • Danish Centre For Food And Agriculture in Foulum

When A2B asks international employees participating what they like about the Danish courses they answer:

  • The flexibility
  • The level and teaching method
  • The option to socializing with colleagues from AU while learning Danish


  • Very engaged teachers

A2B thanks for the participation in the evaluation.

A2B keeps hearing from International AU staff, and is now ready to start the next Danish courses. If you feel like taking up the challenge to learn Danish, feel free to contact A2B via or call: +45 2761 1639.

Staff, UIC
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