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Lærdansk – new beginner courses from week 8

The next Danish beginner courses at AU campus for international staff and accompanying partners are scheduled to start in week 8 – Feb. 18. Deadline to apply is 3 February.

2019.01.21 | Anne Pletschette Langer

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Choose between classes twice a week:

  •  16.15 – 17.45
  • 18.00 – 19.30

You are also welcome to join a class at Lærdansk with a different schedule e.g. morning, early afternoon or Saturday.

Beginner's courses 

Beginners can choose between the traditional Danish Education (the module system) and Lærdansk’s own beginner course concept: Ready.Steady. 1 and 2. Ready.Steady. costs 1200 kr. per course making it cheaper than the traditional modules, which cost 2000 kr. per module. Lærdansk offers both Ready.Steady. courses and module courses at AU, but we find that most people choose Ready.Steady.

Free FVU courses 

Free FVU courses: Lærdansk also has several FVU Danish classes at AU campus at various levels. AU staff and accompanying partners who speak Danish at A2+ level or higher can register and join one of our free FVU classes after an initial screening. FVU is also a good way for people who have been in Denmark for a long time to improve their Danish skills, especially reading and writing. 

New courses by Lærdansk

  1. Speaking Danish - at various levels with a focus on everyday spoken language, conversations about work, news, society and other topics that the group finds relevant.
  2. Pronunciation course - focusing specifically on Danish pronunciation.
  3. Danish for teaching - focusing on the spoken language needed when teaching a class in Danish.

These courses start as soon as we have enough registrations, so please help us by spreading the word.

Additional courses 

Lærdansk also offers one-on-one courses, online courses and even pre-arrival courses for staff and partners prior to arrival in Denmark.

Read more about courses on the Lærdansk website

Please contact Ann Elveberg at for more information.

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