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New learning platform about Denmark and Danish

Currently, we are working with one of our vendors offering Danish language courses, A2B, on developing an online platform that we hope will help you and your family prepare for moving to and living in Denmark.

2019.01.11 | Anne Pletschette Langer

A2B course participants with text Work, Live and Speak Danish

The platform is relevant for staff and families that have not yet or just recently moved to Denmark and would like to learn more about Denmark, Job search in Denmark and the Danish language. 

On the platform, you can learn about Danish culture, cities and regions. Under Citizenship/my life in Denmark you can practice basic and useful Danish phrases while you learn about Danish culture and customs (in English and Danish). 

For accompanying partners

For accompanying partners, there is a few special sections for you if you are going to look for a job. Here you can learn about job search in Denmark, and read about different professions in Denmark. You can also learn related basic phrases in Danish. 

There is a lot of information and template downloads in the Library section. We hope you will enjoy the platform and help us with feedback making it even better. 

How to access the platform

Access to the platform in the development phase here in January and February 2019 will be free of charge for you and your family. 

Access the A2B pre- and on arrival platform 


Please contact A2B at to receive your personal login.

We would like your feedback 

Having familiarized yourself with the content that we hope you find useful, A2B would like to inquire your feedback. Thus, please let us know if you intend to try the platform and confirm that A2B may contact you pr. e-mail. E-mail with subject: “A2B platform trial for AU internationals”. Please state your full name and position at/relation to AU.

Questions regarding the platform and its content can be directed to Content Developer at A2B, Louise Nielsen via e-mail: |Phone: +45 70 26 61 00.

Would you like to know more about Danish courses? 

Should you have any questions regarding Danish language courses offered by A2B, please contact Center Coordinator, Marie Steiness via e-mail: | Phone: +45 70 26 61 00 |Mobile: +45 27 61 16 39. You are also welcome to reach out to LærDansk to learn about their language courses.

Read more about A2B and LærDansk 

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