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Practice your spoken Danish for free

You can do this in an informal setting while enjoying a warm drink and a cookie at Taldansk Cafe.

2019.03.25 | Daniela Trifiletti

Taldansk Cafe Aarhus

Taldansk Cafe Aarhus

If you want to improve your spoken Danish, then Taldansk café is a good option for you. 

This is a project in collaboration with Lærdansk Aarhus and open for everyone with this goal. 

There are no requirements for your level of proficiency or your background. The only important thing is that you want to improve your Danish, and maybe even expand your knowledge of the Danish culture and society.

The goal of Taldansk café is to speak Danish with a native Danish volunteer, who has the time and the passion for helping others with the oral difficulties.

 Everything is placed in a safe atmosphere in Multicentret at Lærdansk Aarhus. 

The opening hours are 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Thursday and 4 pm to 8 pm Monday afternoon and evening.

For more information contact or find them on the Facebook page Taldansk café – Aarhus and on Instagram @taldanskcafeaarhus 

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