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In case you have volunteered in Denmark, your input about your experience will be very helpful

2019.03.25 | Daniela Trifiletti is looking for internationals who have volunteered in any city in Denmark. They are searching for people who would like to share both the positive and negative sides of their experiences.

The main goal is to inspire others with this stories at the time it gives input about how to assist Danish organizations in becoming better at on-boarding internationals in their volunteer group and projects. / is the preferred internet tool for finding volunteer opportunities in Denmark. The vision is to strengthen communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect.

Every year, they enable thousands of people to help out in their local communities. By showing the almost unlimited volunteer possibilities, they inspire people to find the volunteer opportunity that matches their interests and skills.

In case you would like to assist them with their project please contact Mathilde Schaumburg-Müller at



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