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The four graduate schools at Aarhus University invite PhD students to join the joint PhD course How to get published, which will take place 7 December 2017.

For information on content and how to apply for at spot on the course, please see the invitation: How to get published

PhD courses offered by Graduate School, Arts

Graduate School, Arts offers a variety of courses for PhD students.

The course programme consists of the following:

PhD students enrolled at Graduate School, Arts, should contact their main supervisor for the planning of course attendance. 

Besides 2 of the mandatory PhD courses the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media offers a number of other PhD courses.

External PhD courses offered by other Danish institutions can be found in the national course database "PhD courses in Denmark".

PhD Courses at Graduate School, Arts

Mon 01 May
00:00-00:00 | online course
Online Course in Web Archives and Web Archiving
Online course. Participation from work or from home, and at convenient time. Exact course starts are agreed between participants and course instructors, and the course may be offered more than once per year for different participants. More than 98% of the world's data are now digital. Large amounts of the data are represented on the web, where content is added, deleted and edited constantly and worldwide. Web archiving is the preservation of content, and may be done individually, as well as by large-scale web archiving initiatives. Contemporary studies in the humanities and social sciences need to make use of web archives where earlier documents or versions may be retrieved, and to preserve findings on the live web for future analysis and reference.
Thu 17 Aug
00:00-00:00 | Campus Aarhus
Empiriværkstedet – kursus i kvalitativ metode E2017
17. august - 14. december 2017: Empiriværkstedet er et interdisciplinært forum for analyse og diskussion af kvalitative empiriske forskningsprojekter.
Mon 18 Sep
00:00-00:00 | Campus Aarhus
Advanced Research Design and Applied Data Analysis for Education and Social Science
18 September - 7 November 2017:This course aims to provide early stage PhD students with the skills to choose and apply state of the art quantitative social science research methods. The course will help to choose research designs and analysis methods which are frequently used in publications in international journals. It is primarily directed to students with the interest in a quantitative PhD-project in the early phase of their PhD studies, but is also directed to all other students who wish to improve their understanding of published quantitative social research.
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