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PhD Committee

1.2.2017 - 31.1.2018

The main tasks of the PhD Committee are:

  • Approve PhD courses
  • Draw up drafts of internal guidelines for the PhD school
  • Recommend the composition of the Assessment Committee

The PhD Committee is composed of:

  • Representatives of the academic personnel, whom are elected for 3 years at a time
  • Representatives of the PhD students, whom are elected for 1 year at a time

The Management of the Faculty at Arts participates at the committee’s meetings when relevant:

  • Anne Marie Pahuus – Head of Graduate School, Arts and Vice-Dean for Research and Talent Development, Arts

Rules of Procedure: Danish version




Academic staff


Management of Faculty

  • Anne Marie Pahuus – Head of Graduate School, Arts and Vice dean at Research and Talent development, Arts


PhD students:




PhD students


Academic staff

PhD students

  • NN
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