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Conferred PhD degrees


Economics and Business Economics

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

  • 11-07-2016 - Dagmar Feddern Donbæk - dissertation: The interrelationship between posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology and problematic substance use in Danish adolescents
  • 30-06-2016 - Mads Hansen - dissertation: The Mind's Ear: Working Memory and Auditory Perception
  • 21-06-2016 - Stephen Baffour Adjei - dissertation: Exploring the psychosocial, cultural, and structural accounts of spousal abuse in Ghana
  • 06-06-2016 - Cecilia Brynskov - dissertation: Language in children with autism
  • 29-03-2016 - Trine Sonne - dissertation: Event memory in infancy: A dissertation on the encoding and memory of events in infancy
  • 07-03-2016 - Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen - dissertation: Cultural Diversity in Mental Time Travel. Middle East versus Scandinavia
  • 29-02-2016 - Yoon Lia Keci Beining Frederiksen - dissertation: Infertility and Psychological Adjustment

Business Communication



  • 20-06-2016 - Dimitar Hristoforov Kondev - dissertation: Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration in the Construction Industry
  • 23-03-2016 - Mahatab Uddin - dissertation: Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies and Promotion of Sustainable Development in the Least Developed Countries
  • 27-04-2016 - Anne Sofie Resen Steenstrup - dissertation: Skadelidtes medvirken
  • 31-03-2016 - Henrik Ørum Skovgaard-Petersen  - dissertation: Higher Education in an EU Law Perspective Citizenship and Marketization

Political Science

Social Science and Business

  •  07-06-2016 - Merete Kirstine Poulsen - dissertation: Rusmiddelbrug blandt kvinder i forhold med kvinder: beruselsesfænomener, subjekter og kategorier
  • 11-03-2016 - Abdu Seid - dissertation: Cosiness, Class and Consumption: Do social and socioeconomic factors influence alcohol use and alcohol-related harm in Denmark?
  • 03-03-2016 - Wendi Goldsmith - dissertation: Integrating Natural Systems with Engineering: Decision Support to Guide Sustainable Development and Climate Resilient Design

Conferred PhD degrees 2015

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