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PhD programme courses

The Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences offers a variety of courses for PhD students. The courses are related to each of the graduate school’s 7 programmes, and can be found here:

Publish or Perish

Department of Management invites all PhD students to sign up for a PhD course on the journal writing process and how to get your research published. The course is arranged by Prof. John Thøgersen and Prof. Liisa Lähteenmäki and the deadline for signing up is November 30.

To get more information on the course Publish or Perish, see this link

Responsible Conduct of Research

The main learning objective of the course is to stimulate a critical and reflexive approach to one’s own research as well as the research of others, and the course contributes to the students’ ability to conduct research in accordance with basic principles and guidelines, as well as good practices defined by Aarhus University and upheld by Aarhus BSS. 

The course was held February 19 and 20 2018. The next course is expected to take place in the Autumn 2018. Furter information will follow on this page.  

Planning and Controlling a PhD Project

All PhD students are invited to sign up for this course on planning and controlling of a PhD project. Please note, that you do not get ECTS credit for the course when you are a PhD student at Aarhus BSS.

Spring course

Autumn course

How to Get Published

The four Graduate Schools at Aarhus University are hosting a joint PhD course focusing on the technique in writing a good scientific abstract. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines. For further information please see here

AU Library courses

AU Library offers courses for PhD student on Information Retrieval and Information Management. The courses will take place on the following dates and you can read more about them through the links below.

March 6: Information Retrieval and Information Management

March 13: Information Retrieval and Information Management



CUL PhD courses

In addition to these courses, PhD students at Aarhus BSS Graduate School can participate in pedagogic courses offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CUL). Please see the range of courses at


PhD course on planning, presentation techniques and teaching



Så tilmeld dig det gratis ph.d.-kursus, som udbydes af Center for Undervisning og Læring (CUL) ved Aarhus BSS. Læs mere om tidspunkter og tilmelding på centrets website:



Then sign up for the free PhD course offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CUL), Aarhus BSS. Read more about the course, dates and registration at CUL's website:




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