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PhD Association - PHABUSS

The PhD Association at Aarhus BSS (PHABUSS) is a faculty level PhD association established on June 17 2013 at its statutory general assembly. The aim of PHABUSS is to represent the common interests of PhD students enrolled at Aarhus BSS Graduate School in different bodies at Aarhus University, including the faculty level PhD committee and the university-wide PhD association, AUPA. An equally important goal of PHABUSS is to increase inter-departmental communication to increase the sharing of ideas and best practices across the different programmes.

The main objectives of PHABUSS is the following


1.       To discuss important issues concerning the Aarhus BSS Graduate School

2.       To engage in the work of the Aarhus BSS Graduate School PhD Committee

3.       To help PhD students at the departments of the faculty in matters concerning their work and organization

4.       To provide information relevant to PhD students at Aarhus BSS

5.       To make statements regarding overall questions of relevance for the PhD students at Aarhus BSS

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