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The programme:

The PhD programme in Management covers a broad range of sub-specialisations within Management. The aim of our PhD programme is to provide our PhD students with high-level and structured knowledge of relevant scientific theories, methodologies and techniques.

The programme profile has the following sub-fields within Management: Business Policy and Strategy, International Management, Organisational Design and Behaviour, Organizational Development and Change, Human Resources and Development, Marketing,  Marketing Management, Social Marketing, Consumer Policy, Consumer Relations, Strategic Communication, Organizational Communication, Marketing Communication, Technology and Innovation Management, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Management, Sustainability and Business Administration, Research Methods in Business Administration, Management Accounting. 

The Department of Management

The Department of Management (MGMT) has four sections: Corporate Communication; Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems; Marketing and Organisation, Strategy and Accounting. The department also hosts three research centres: Centre for Corporate Communication, ICOA and MAPP. More information is available here.

Eligible applicants should hold an MSc in Business Administration or another MSc that can document similar qualifications. Guidelines regarding the PhD programme and how to prepare an application can be found here

Research facilities:

The Department of Management offers an excellent and modern office environment. Each PhD student has an individual office space in two or three person offices, a personal laptop and other necessary IT equipment and programs, access to a fully equipped behavioral laboratory, etc.  

The department has its own doctoral training program and all PhD students are affiliated with the research unit(s) of their supervisors.

The Department of Management is part of a national network of faculty and PhD students in the field of Management.

The Department as well as the PhD programme has a long-standing tradition for offering an internationally well-blended and stimulating environment with faculty and PhD students representing different cultures and experiences from a variety of international universities.

PhD Courses 

PhD students have to take 30 ECTS during the 3-year process. Overall, a minimum of 15 ECTS have to be taken from the coursework provided by Aarhus BSS (incl. Department of Management). The three compulsory courses at MGMT are: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods: Ethnography, Case Studies, Grounded Theory and Action Research (5 ECTS); Applied Quantitative Methods in Management Research (5 ECTS); The Research Process and the Role of Theory in Business Research (5 ECTS).

The remaining 15 ECTS can come from more specialized courses free of choice see e.g. the national database with PhD courses offered at the universities in Denmark or from other relevant research training course providers in the field of Management. It is advisable always to take courses of at least 5 ECTS. 

Individual course work plans are to be prepared during the first three months of the enrolment period and always in collaboration with the supervisor(s). The plan is then uploaded to the PhD planner and is then evaluated and approved by the Chairman of the MGMT programme and of the Head of the Aarhus BSS Graduate School. The PhD planner is an internal tool for planning, evaluation and approval to be used by all PhD students, all PhD supervisors and the Aarhus BSS Graduate School.

Geographic location:

Our programme is located at the Department of Management at Aarhus University, campus Fuglesangs Allé.  

National and international cooperation:

The Department of Management has a long-held tradition for cooperation with a number of international providers of research training and associated faculty. Examples of the latter include: Stanford University, University of Minnesota, University of North Carolina, Penn State University, Duke University, The University of Texas at Austin, Australian Graduate School of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, Carnegie Mellon University, London School of Economics, University of Michigan, Tilburg University, Lund University, The Free University of Amsterdam, Aberdeen Business School, Darden School of Business, Clairemont Graduate University, BI, European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management, University of Roskilde, University of Aalborg and Southern Danish University.


Some MGMT PhDs may after completion of their PhD study continue their careers within the university sector. However, some PhDs will have to find employment outside academia in the public sector as well as the private sector. Previous examples include: Region Midt, University Hospital of Aarhus, Phønix A/S, Belgacom, Jyske Bank, PWC and Lego.

Number of PhD students:

Approx. 30-40

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