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Co-financing of stays abroad

How to apply for co-financing of stays abroad in connection with PhD study*

You have to apply by sending an e-mail to the head of the MGMT PhD programme (cc the MGMT PhD administration): an overview of your PhD plan, a project description, a budget, a description of the expected outcome of your stay/contribution to your PhD study, an invitation from a university, recommendation from your supervisor. The conditions as stipulated in the below must be fulfilled:

‘Head of department will co-finance stays abroad with up to 30,000 DKK based on refund of actual costs as reported in AURUS. Application for co-financing must be submitted to the head of MGMT PhD programme prior to the stay abroad. Stays abroad must be of at least 3 months duration (in continuation).

The MGMT co-financing is granted regardless of external funding. This implies that there is no requirement that external funding has been/will be sought to get access to this funding. But in case of external funding, this funding has to be spent prior to the co-financing from the department. Funding will not be paid as a personal sum, but as a 'budget' that can be used according to existing AU practices for travelling. If the expected costs exceed 30,000 DKK, it is of course up to the individual PhD student to attract supplementary and external funding.’

Also beware that you cannot have refund for the same costs from two sources (e.g. the department and some external funding).

When the amount has been granted, please fill out a MGMT travel application form and have it signed by Ulla Salomonsen. This signed travel application form has to be used every time a cost is being settled in AURUS. The student has the responsibility that the costs never exceed the amount granted.

Upon return from your stay abroad, all costs must be settled in AURUS, and a detailed account of the actual costs spent must be send to Ulla Salomonsen.

In addition to the above, the MGMT department will as of 1 January 2016 guarantee a deficit of up to max. 30,000 DKK PROVIDED that you have applied for funding from at least five of the following funds:

  • Oticon Fonden
  • Augustinus Fonden
  • Købmand Herman Sallings Fond og Købmand Ferdinand Sallings Mindefond
  • Aage & Ylva Nimbus Fonden
  • Christian og Ottilia Brorsons Rejselegat
  • Julie von Müllens Fond
  • Niels Bohr Legatet
  • Thomas B. Thriges Fond
  • Carlsberg Fondet
  • Knud Højgaards Fond
  • Aase og Ejnar Danielsens Fond
  • Familien Hede Nielsens Fond 
  • Torben og Alice Frimodts Fond

Documentation in the form of applications and answers from at least five of the above-mentioned funds must be enclosed if the deficit guarantee is going to be in force.

*The stay abroad (or deviations) must apart from appearing from the individual PhD plan also be approved by the head of the Aarhus BSS Graduate School, re. Rules and regulations for the PhD degree programme’.

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