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Advanced Qualitative Methods

1-4 May 2017

5 ECTS PhD Course, PhD programme in Business Communication, BSS, AU

Main organiser: Birte Asmuß, 

Course description:


The aim of the course is to provide students with advanced skills to independently apply relevant qualitative methods for a ph.d.-thesis within the field of Business Communication based on critical reflection. The student will get in-depth insights into selected qualitative research methods relevant for the field of Business Communication and thereby learn to understand, select, apply and critically reflect upon selected qualitative methods in relation to data collection, data analyses and data assessments in researching communicative phenomena in organizations on an advanced level.   

In order to reach the above aims the PhD student must acquire the following qualifications: 

Knowledge about

  • Data collection methods and how they relate to qualitative data analysis
  • Different methods for qualitative data analysis (such as Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Thematic Analysis, Textual Analysis, Ethnographic Analysis).
  • Critical reflection about qualitative methods 

Skills in

  • Applying relevant qualitative methods
  • Conducting an advanced qualitative data analysis incl. method triangulation
  • Critically assessing relationships between data collection, data analysis and research design  

Teaching formats

  • Lectures
  • Colloquia / round tables
  • Presentations & discussions 


2 pages worth of project synopsis focusing on methodological aspects of the PhD project (submitted prior to course). 

5-8 pages worth of extended & revised project synopsis focusing on methodological aspects of the PhD project (submitted after the course). Please submit to


Attendance: Four days of teaching, 100% compulsory 

Registration: >> Sign up at this link

Deadline for registration: 18 April 2017

Course fee: 1500 DKK / 200 euros (NB: PhD students from Aarhus BSS pay no fee)

1 May: 1483-348
2 May: 1483-223
3 May: 1483-348
4 May: 1483-354

Time: 9.00-16.00