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With its annual intake of 150–200 students, the Graduate School of Health is one of Denmark’s largest graduate schools. We have about 500 active students or 10% of all Danish PhD students. The school was formally established in 2007 and is now a multidisciplinary graduate school with long-standing traditions for recruiting students from the entire health science area.

Aims and objectives

The graduate school is responsible for the PhD programmes at Health. With its many institutes and departments, the school covers all aspects of health science, including biomedicine, clinical medicine, public health, odontology, nursing science and biomedical engineering. The official aim of the school is to give the individual PhD student broad knowledge of the scientific theories, methodologies and tools on which health science research is based and to develop the student’s understanding and ability to independently address scientific issues. This is primarily achieved through the completion of research projects at the highest international level.

Annual PhD day

In January of each year, the graduate school hosts a PhD day. All PhD students at the graduate school participate by presenting their research work and, throughout the day, internationally recognised researchers lecture on topical subjects. The day concludes with a party for everyone.

Working partners

The graduate school has an extensive and excellent working relationship with Aarhus University Hospital. With its more than 250 professors and honorary professors, Aarhus University Hospital makes an essential contribution to the academic field. At the hospitals, the graduate school has access to advanced technological facilities of the highest international standard. Collaboration with the business community is also an important part of the graduate school’s activities. Together with private foundations, the business community plays an important role in financing many of the research projects carried out by the PhD students.


The graduate school is a member of the Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS) and hosted the organisation’s fourth meeting in April 2009. At this meeting, the participants adopted the position paper Towards Standards for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences, which describes the basic components of European PhD programmes in health sciences and makes a number of recommendations.

Health at Aarhus University

The graduate school is part of Faculty Health, Aarhus University. Health comprises a number of pre-clinical departments within biomedicine and public health, a department of clinical medicine and a department of odontology. In addition to being responsible for research, education and PhD programmes, the departments provide consultancy services and transfer knowledge to society within the entire health science area. As part of Aarhus University, the faculty adheres to the European university tradition and its fundamental values regarding the freedom of research and research-based teaching. 



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