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On this page, we have tried to gather all the questions and answers we know can be relevant to a PhD student. Find all forms referred to below

Where do I find AU’s logo and design?

You can find the AU logo in the AU design manual, where you can also access PowerPoint templates, etc. To generate a logo for Health, Aarhus University, select entity 2000 in the logo generator. Note that templates exist for the cover page of PhD dissertations

AU’s design manual (in Danish only)

Rules for use of the logo (in Danish)

Rules for use of the logo (in English)

How do I apply for a pay supplement?

If you are employed as a PhD fellow at Aarhus University (regardless of your source of financing), you can apply for a pay supplement to compensate for the difference in salary between a PhD fellow and a research assistant. The pay supplement is not awarded by the Graduate School, and has to be self-financed. To apply for a pay supplement, please complete the form 'Recommendation for employment as a PhD fellow and/or application for pay supplement'. Along with the form, a short application must be sent to the Graduate School.

Find 'Recommendation for employment as a PhD fellow and/or application for pay supplement' here

If you are a medical doctor and PhD fellow at Health, you can be granted a qualification supplement by sending a copy of your B authorisation certificate to the Graduate School. This supplement is paid by the same source as your salary, and is therefore only paid by Health if you have been awarded a faculty fellowship.

Where can I get help with an application for external funds?

The Research Support Office helps researchers, including PhD students, prepare applications for external research funding. The Research Support Office serves both the university and the university hospital.

I am signing a contract with a collaboration partner?

It is very important that you know who owns the rights to the knowledge that is brought into the collaboration and the results obtained through the collaboration. In case of research collaborations with private companies, other universities or other partners, the Technology Transfer Office at Aarhus University ensures that the contract is both satisfying and in concordance with existing rules and regulatives. In some cases you have to contact the office before signing, e.g. when rights are transferred. We recommend that you always contact the office to make sure everything is in order.

Can I work in addition to doing my PhD?

The PhD programme is designed as a full-time study. The starting point is that a PhD student has no other paid work. If you are employed as a PhD fellow at Health, an application for permission for other paid work should be submitted to and a statement from the main supervisor on whether the paid work are compatible with the PhD education must be attached. It is normally not accepted to have more than 20 hours of paid work per month beside a faculty PhD fellowship. If you are elsewhere employed, paid work is accepted to the extent it does not affect your PhD studies. Clinical work may not lead to extension of the study.

Can I get documentation for my status as a PhD student?

You can always ask for a so called "To whom it may concern" letter. We do not offer student ID cards, but the letter will document your enrolment as a PhD student at the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University. By request the letter can contain information about your employment, i.e. salary, weekly working hours etc. This is especially helpful when applying for visa.

What should I do if I am having a baby?

If you are employed as a PhD fellow at Aarhus University (regardless of your source of financing), you must complete Parental Leave Forms 1 and 2. The forms can be found here, where you also can read all about the rules and regulations.

If you are not employed at the university, you must submit the form 'Application for maternity/paternity leave. For PhD students not employed at Aarhus University' before you begin your parental leave. The application must be signed by your main supervisor and must include the first and last day (provisional) of your parental leave. Once you know which date will be the last day of your parental leave, you must inform the Graduate School, in order to get an extension of your study.

Can I make changes to my supervisor group?

If you want to make changes to your supervisor group, you need to send an application/e-mail to

The application has to be approved by all the involved supervisors by signatures on the application or cc. on the e-mail. The application will be processed by the Graduate School Management. As soon as they have reached a decision, you and all the involved supervisors will get a reply by email.

What should I do if I am having problems with my project?

If you feel something is not working as well as you would like, there are many places to get help. If you are experiencing difficulties with the collaboration with your supervisors, the school’s PhD student counsellor, Sanne Angel, is available for advice. Contact the student counsellor at and read more about the service here.

If you have problems of a financial or academic nature, you can contact the Graduate School Management. The PhD administration can assist you with questions of an administrative nature. 

Can I make changes to my project or alter my project title?

To have changes to your project or to have a changed project description approved, you have to make an application to the Graduate School Management in which you describe and explain the change you want approved. The application has to be signed by you and your main supervisor.

I believe I may have a potential patent?

If you think you have made an invention in connection with your work, you are obliged to inform the head of your department and notify the university’s Patents Committee in writing by completing and submitting a form to the university’s Technology Transfer Office. This obligation applies to all employees, including PhD students, at public research institutions, including Aarhus University, hospitals in the Central Denmark Region and Aarhus University Hospital. The form and guidelines for completion are available on the Technology Transfer Office’s website.

To be able to apply for a patent, if relevant, it is important that you treat the invention as confidential. It should therefore under no circumstances be published before a patent application has been submitted. This applies both to publications in journals and other written material, and to any form of verbal presentation, mention or PhD dissertation and defence. Talk to your supervisor about potentially patentable results well in advance of publication, and contact the Technology Transfer Office if you think the results are patentable and can be commercialised.

Can I get an extension of my PhD study?

Up until the appointment of the assessment committee you can apply for an extension of your studies by completing the application form 'Application for extension of enrolment’. There must be adequate funding (salary) for the period of extension and you will be asked to provide adequate reasons – professional and/or personal – for the extension. If the extension needed is more than six months the Graduate School Management might wish to consult with you and your supervisor. The form is not used for extensions due to maternity/parental, sickness and other leave.

What should I do if I get sick?

Please find information about sickness absence here.

Can I take a leave from the PhD?

To apply for leave from your studies you have to use the form 'Application for leave – Professional reasons'. The application has to include the period of the leave and a reason for the leave. The application has to be signed by you and your main supervisor. The application for leave will be processed by the Graduate School Management. As soon as they have reached a decision you and your main supervisor plus the other supervisors will get a reply by email.

Why I am not receiving any e-mails?

All e-mails from the graduate school and the PhD administration are sent to the e-mail address given to you by the university. It is therefore important that you receive these e-mails. If you have more than one e-mail address, it is a good idea to forward your e-mails to the e-mail address you normally use.

Automatic forwarding of emails

Who do I contact if I have questions about my salary?

If you are employed at Aarhus University as a PhD fellow, you get paid in accordance with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) agreement. If you have questions about your salary, please contact the Graduate School.

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