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This page is targeted at PhD students already enrolled at GSST. 

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2017.12.05 | PhD students, Talent development

Special initiatives to promote constructive communication at AU

In the coming semester, there will be a special focus on ‘constructive communication’ at Aarhus University. In connection with this campaign, managers, members of liaison committees and the occupational health and safety organisation have been invited to participate in workshops designed to help them lead the way in promoting constructive…

2017.12.05 | PhD students, Talent development

Cross-institutional PhD course in Bioimaging

Get a seat at the first cross-institutional PhD course in Bioimaging across Denmark involving KU, SDU, AU and DTU. The course will take place from 30 January to 10 April 2018.

2017.12.01 | Talent development, PhD students

Registration for Information's PhD Cup 2018

The newspaper ‘Information’ will conduct PhD Cup in cooperation with DR and the Lundbeck Foundation

2017.12.01 | PhD students, Talent development

Grants for study and research stays in USA

The Denmark-America Foundation & the Fulbright Commission offer grants and advise for study and research stays in USA. For more information and to access the application form, please see here (in Danish only) The next application deadline for study or research stays planned for the academic year 2018-2019 is Wednesday, 1 March 2018 at…

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Tue 12 Dec
13:00-15:00 | Auditorium, Foulum, Aarhus Universitet, Blichers Allé 20, 8830 Tjele
PhD defence: Dissecting the Genetic Variation of Schizophrenia and ADHD Using an Integrative Genomic Approach
PhD student Palle Duun Rohde, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Wed 13 Dec
13:00-15:00 | Auditorium, Flakkebjerg, Aarhus University, Forsøgsvej 1, 4200 Slagelse
Qualifying exam: Clever Plant Roots Design Thier Associated Microbiome to Prevent Disease. What are the Mechanisms Behind?
PhD student Enoch Narh Kudjordjie, Department of Agroecology
Thu 14 Dec
10:00-12:00 | Auditoriet, Foulum, Aarhus University, Blichers Alle 20, 8830 Tjele
PhD defence: Biochar Amendment to Temperate and Tropical Sandy Soils: Effect on Crop Physiology Under Drought and Salinity Stress
PhD student Fauziatu Ahmed, Department of Agroecology
Thu 14 Dec
13:00-15:00 | Room 2.20, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, Hangøvej 2, 8200 Århus N
Qualifying exam: Process Development of Large Scale Biomethanation
PhD student Mads Jensen, Department of Engineering
Thu 14 Dec
13:00-15:00 | 1532-116 Auditorium G1, Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 118, 8000 Aarhus C
PhD defence: Distribution, Community Assembly and Metabolic Potential of Sulfate-reducing Microorganisms in Marine Sediments
PhD student Lara Jochum, Department of Bioscience

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Clare (Chi-Chih) Chang

2018.01.17 | PhD defence

Building Bones – Theranostics and Cellular Signals in Bone Tissue Engineering

PhD defence, Wednesday 17 January 2018, Clare (Chi-Chih) Chang.

Estrella Elvira-Ramirez.

2017.12.19 | PhD defence

The Role of Lotus Japonicus Ethylene Receptors During Root Nodule Symbiosis – Identifying New Symbiotic Regulators

PhD defence, Tuesday 19 December 2017, Estrella Elvira-Ramirez.

Qianqian Zhang

2017.12.19 | PhD defence

Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

PhD defence, Tuesday 19 December 2017, Qianqian Zhang.

Ping Song

2017.12.15 | PhD defence

Lipidoid Materials-based Delivery Systems for RNAi Therapeutics

PhD defence, Friday 15 December 2017, Ping Song.

Kasper Trans Møller
A depiction of how renewable energy, from e.g. sun and wind power, may be utilised for electrolysis to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. Subsequently, hydrogen may be used to store the renewable energy and e.g. for utilisation as fuel in fuel-cell electrical vehicles. The research of Kasper T. Møller shows how incorporation of a complex metal hydride into the hydrogen storage tank may improve the energy density significantly.

2017.12.15 | PhD defence

Hydrogen – The Future Energy Storage Medium?

PhD defence, Friday 15 December 2017, Kasper Trans Møller.

Lara M. Jochum

2017.12.14 | PhD defence

From Communities to Single Cells – Sulfate-reducing Microorganisms in Aarhus Bay

PhD defence, Thursday 14 December 2017, Lara M. Jochum.

Fauziatu Ahmed
An image showing branched grass roots, taken whiles the plant was growing in the soil. The red mesh is a grid that is used for counting roots and the white light is an LED light from the rootsnap sensor. This tool developed in Fauziatu´s PhD project provides a new technique to observe plant root growth and dynamics in situ.

2017.12.14 | PhD defence

Biochar Effect on Crop Physiology Under Drought and Salinity Stress

PhD defence, Thursday 14 December 2017, Fauziatu Ahmed.

Palle Duun Rohde

2017.12.12 | PhD defence

Digging Into the Genetic Causes of Schizophrenia and ADHD

PhD defence, Tuesday 12 December 2017, Palle Duun Rohde.

Henning Heldbjerg

2017.12.08 | PhD defence

The importance of Citizen Science – Can we improve the scientific use of Citizen Science data in Bird Population Studies?

PhD defence, Friday 8. December 2017. Henning Heldbjerg

Casper Clausen

2017.12.08 | PhD defence

Sensors and Batteries – Part of the Road to a Smarter and Greener Future

PhD defence, Friday 8 December 2017, Casper Clausen.

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