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2018.08.06 | Talent development, PhD students

PhD Course: How to get published

A joint PhD Course focusing on aspects of the publication process. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines.

2018.08.06 | Talent development, PhD students

New law about Danish Education came into effect on 1 July

What are the consequences of the new law? What Danish courses can I now take? How do I make an informed decision? Read more about the new law and its consequences.

2018.06.14 | Talent development, PhD students

Call for applications for visiting scholarships at Stanford, UC Berkeley and MIT

Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley, as the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education recently opened for the next round of applications for scholarships at three top-universities in the US: Sustainable energy through CATalysis (SUNCAT) at Stanford UniversityCenter for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society…

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Sarah-Lina Aagaard Schild.
The image shows a screenshot of the video recordings used to study the course of parturition in outdoor-housed sows. Research concerning how the course of parturition progresses when sows give birth in huts, such as organic and free-range sows do, is sparse. In her PhD project, Sarah-Lina showed that the course of parturition affected early piglet mortality and saw indications that at high hut temperature sows changed their behaviour during parturition.

2018.11.20 | PhD defence

Impact of the course of parturition and the thermal environment for piglet survival when sows give birth outdoors

PhD defence, Tuesday 20st of November 2018. Sarah-Lina Aagaard Schild.

Simon Laursen.

2018.11.16 | PhD defence

From gases to pharmaceuticals

PhD defence, Friday, 16 November 2018. Simon Laursen.

Martin Søndergaard Jørgensen.

2018.11.16 | PhD defence

Eelgrass - from seed to seedling

PhD defence, Friday, 16 November 2018. Martin Søndergaard Jørgensen.

Alexander Holm Kiilerich.

2018.11.15 | PhD defence

High precision measurements with continuously observed quantum mechanical systems

PhD defense, Thursday 15 November 2018. Alexander Holm Kiilerich.

Rasmus Peter Thomsen. 
Examples of two DNA nanostructures used to engineer lipid bilayers and proteins respectively.

2018.11.14 | PhD defence

Use of DNA nanotechnology to control molecular systems

PhD defense, Wednesday, 14 November 2018. Rasmus Peter Thomsen.

Emil Eriksen.

2018.11.14 | PhD defence

Tuning the spectrum of the sun via nanostructures - a potential path for increasing the efficiency of solar cells

PhD defence, Wednesday 14 November 2018. Emil Eriksen.

Lars Sørensen

2018.11.13 | PhD defence

Studies on the membrane interaction of activated coagulation factor V

PhD defence, Tuesday 13 November 2018. Lars Sørensen.

Lars Astrup Leth.

2018.11.13 | PhD defence

Organocatalysis in New Settings: Multiple Activation Modes Working Together

PhD defence, Tuesday 13 November 2018. Lars Astrup Leth.

Line Dahl Næsborg.
Illustrated to the left is a crystal structure of a molecule which has been assembled by a synergistic symphony of catalysts.

2018.11.13 | PhD defence

Reaching for Reactivity – by a Synergistic Symphony of Catalysts

PhD defence, Tuesday 13 November 2018. Line Dahl Næsborg.

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Tue 18 Dec
13:00-15:00 | AU Food, Room: Orkideen, Aarslev, Kirstinebjergvej 10, 5792 Årslev
Qualifying exam: Post-Ingestive Sensations in Healthy Eating Behaviour – With a Cross-Cultural Consumer Perspective
PhD student Mette Duerlund Hansen, Department of Food Science.
Tue 18 Dec
13:00-15:00 | 1532-116, Auditorium G1, Department of Mathematics, Aarhus Universitet, Ny Munkegade 118, 8000 Aarhus C
PhD defence: Detection of Enzymatic Activity and Drug Delivery using DNA
PhD student Oskar Franch, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Wed 19 Dec
09:00-09:00 | 1531-119, Auditorium D2, Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 116, 8000 Aarhus C
PhD defence: How mammals shape the world
PhD student Rasmus Østergaard Pedersen, Department of Bioscience
Thu 20 Dec
13:15-15:15 | 1590-231, iNANO House, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C
Qualifying exam: RNA Origami Scaffolds as a Synthetic Biology tool for Metabolic Engineering
PhD student, Truong-Giang Anh Nguyen, Nanoscience

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