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This page is targeted at PhD students already enrolled at GSST. 

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2016.09.09 | PhD students

Joint Action Workshops with Aarhus University PhD Association (AUPA)

Joint Action is an opportunity for PhD Students across faculties to come together and discuss typical challenges of the PhD life. Moreover, it's a chance to exploit the smarts of your colleagues, learn from others' know-how, and to improve the management of your PhD.  AUPA organised the first Joint Action event in June 2016 on the topic…

2016.09.09 | PhD students


The Denmark-America Foundation & the Fulbright Commission offer grants and advise for study and research stays in USA. For more information and to access the application form, please see here (in Danish only) The next application deadline for study or research stays planned for the academic year 2017-2018 is Wednesday, 5 October 2016 at…

2016.09.01 | PhD students

AU Career PhD events

This autumn's events are already scheduled and available for you to register for. Whether you are searching for insight on your job opportunities or how to market yourself, there is an event for you. Check out the event calender here. 

2016.08.24 | PhD students

Expat Reception 2016

Mark the date Saturday 27 August for Expat Reception 2016. Sign up is still open!

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Yuan Yue

2017.01.06 | PhD defence

Control of bovine mastitis – Do vitamin D and new antimicrobial help?

PhD defence, Friday 6 January 2017. Yuan Yue.

Irene Giacomelli

2017.01.04 | PhD defence

Secret sharing for cryptographic protocol design

PhD defence, Wednesday 4 January 2017. Irene Giacomelli.

Christian Dahl-Petersen

2016.12.21 | PhD defence

Improving hydrotreating catalysts – Formation dynamics of molybdenum disulfide at the atomic scale

PhD defence, Wednesday 21 December 2016. Christian Dahl-Petersen.

Tobias Sonne Jensen

2016.12.20 | PhD defence

Mobile applications and interactive technologies to assist children with ADHD

PhD defence, Tuesday 20 December 2016. Tobias Sonne Jensen

Anders Skafte

2016.12.16 | PhD defence

Full-field Response Prediction of Civil Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loading

PhD defence, Friday 16 December 2016, Anders Skafte.

Weronika Czaban

2016.12.14 | PhD defence

Ability vs. opportunity – unlocking the secrets of amino acid uptake by clover

PhD defence, Wednesday 14 December 2016, Weronika Czaban

Jørgen Hyldig Houmøller

2016.12.13 | PhD defence

Color tuning of nature’s LED by a single water molecule

PhD defence, Tuesday 13 December 2016. Jørgen Hyldig Houmøller

Robert Heck

2016.12.13 | PhD defence

A Toolbox for Optimized and Stable Experiments with Ultracold Quantum Gases

PhD defence, Tuesday 13 December 2016. Robert Heck.

Laura-Carlota Paz 
Figure: Symbiotic bacteria (red) in the ampulla-part of an earthworm nephridium. Scale bar, 100 µm.

2016.12.09 | PhD defence

Living in an Earthworm – How faithful bacterial symbionts prevent enslavement and increase the fitness of their host

PhD defense, Friday 9 December 2016, Laura-Carlota Paz

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