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This page is targeted at PhD students already enrolled at GSST. 

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2016.08.09 | Talent development, PhD students

Come on, Auntie Gerda – It’s time to hear about my research!

Would you like to learn how to explain your special field of research to a broader audience -  including the media? The PhD course in research dissemination (In Danish only!) is now available for registration at GSSTs transferable course website. The course will run Thursdays in the autumn from  20 October until  24 November 2016…

2016.06.15 | Talent development, PhD students

Call for Applications to the Falling Walls Lab Aarhus

AU Research Support and External Relations - Events and Communication Support would like to call your attention to an innovative scientific format for aspiring researchers – the Falling Walls Lab. The Lab is a platform for PhDs and PhD students from all disciplines who get the opportunity to present their research work, business model,…

Photo by Maria Randima

2016.06.02 | PhD students, Talent development

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is undertaking an analysis of the quality of the Danish PhD programme.

The analysis entails electronic surveys among PhD students, supervisors and foreign assessors of PhD theses.

2016.05.30 | Talent development, PhD students

Tools to help improve study life and student welfare

Counsellors and advisory bodies at Aarhus University have revitalised their website on tools and services available to help improve study life and student welfare. The site is aimed at Bachelor’s and Master’s students, but provides a great number of tools that also PhD students may benefit from. It is set up as a user-oriented platform where…

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Terry Wei Hao Mun

2016.12.09 | PhD defence

Analysis and use of a natural mutagen to gain better insight of plant-microbe interactions

PhD defence, Friday 9 December 2016. Terry Mun.

Jesper Malling Schmidt

2016.12.09 | PhD defence

Purification of potato proteins and characterization of food related functional properties

PhD defence, Friday 9 December 2016. Jesper Malling Schmidt.

Mathias Vinther

2016.12.08 | PhD defence

Immune-recognition at the nanoscale – insights into the immune system’s ability to fight pathogens

Ph.D. defence, Thursday, 8 December 2016. Mathias Vinther

Dorota Jadwiga Focht

2016.12.08 | PhD defence

Structural studies on the substrate promiscuity of a bacterial SLC6 homolog

PhD defence, Thursday 8 December 2016. Dorota Focht

Anders Witte Skov

2016.12.07 | PhD defence

Bringing interstellar space to the laboratory – Molecular hydrogen formation in space

PhD defence, Wednesday 7 December 2016. Anders Witte Skov

Hans Erik Bugge Grathwohl

2016.12.06 | PhD defence

Type Theory with Guarded Recursion

PhD defence, Tuesday 6 December 2016. Hans Bugge Grathwohl.

Thu Hong Le

2016.12.02 | PhD defence

Robust sows: The relationship between leg conformation, fertility and sow longevity

PhD defence, Friday 2 December 2016. Thu Hong Le

Marta Volpi

2016.12.01 | PhD defence

Dormant thermophilic bacteria in the cold Aarhus Bay - implications for passive microbial dispersal in the ocean

PhD defence, Thursday 1 December 2016. Marta Volpi

Christian Damsgaard

2016.12.01 | PhD defence

Will air-breathing fishes survive in a warmer hypercapnic world?

PhD defence, Thursday 1 december, 2016. Christian Damsgaard.

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