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2016.05.02 | PhD students

GSST secretariat will be closed due to Ascension Day

The GSST secretariat will be closed Thursday, 5 May 2016 and Friday, 6 May 2016 due to Ascension Day.

2016.04.13 | Talent development, PhD students

The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award

Novozymes invites all students and postdocs to participate in The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award 2016. The €5000 award will go to a scientist for the development of an outstanding assay in enzyme research.

2016.04.13 | Talent development, PhD students

Calls for fellowships at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has entered into a partnership agreement. As part of the partnership agreement DASTI invites PhD students and postdocs employed by a Danish university or a Danish public research institution to submit applications for…

2016.03.31 | Talent development, PhD students

Utrecht Network – Professional English Programme 27th June – 8th July, 2016

    The School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures based in the University of Hull will be running their bespoke Summer School focusing on professional English language again this year for Utrecht Network partners.   The programme is designed: to enable participants to refresh and further improve their language skills to focus on the use…

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Minhui Chen

2016.11.17 | PhD defence

Selection drives the evolution of domestic animals

PhD defence, Thursday 17 November 2016. Minhui Chen.

Rikke Reisner Hansen

2016.11.14 | PhD defence

Arctic insects and spiders in a changing climate

PhD defence, Monday 14 November 2016. Rikke Reisner Hansen.

Jonas Refsgaard

2016.11.11 | PhD defence

Spectroscopy on carbon-12 - do nuclei rotate?

PhD defence, Friday 11 November 2016. Jonas Refsgaard

Wanwan Yu
Image of the synthetic transformation of STR-2 and -26 from the naturally occurring starting material – isocupressic acid. In his PhD project, Wanwan Yu developed efficient semisyntheses of STR-2 and -26 from the abundant naturally occurring material – isocupressic acid, which was extracted from the bark of the Ponderosa pine tree. This work provides the first synthetic entry into a new anti-cancer natural product family, thus opening the door for a revelation of the underlying mechanistic explanation for the mode of action of the strongylophorines at the molecular level.

2016.11.11 | PhD defence

Nature May Be Toxic But Useful – Synthesis of New Anti-Cancer Natural Products

PhD Defence, Friday 11 November, 2016. Wanwan Yu.

Carsten Baum

2016.11.07 | PhD defence

Towards More Efficient Secure Multiparty Computation In The Preprocessing Model

PhD defense, Monday 7 November 2016. Carsten Baum.

Anne Katrine Bolvig Sørensen

2016.11.07 | PhD defence

Does antibiotics reduce the health benefits associated with whole grain intake? Studies on lignan absorption and metabolism

PhD defence, Monday 7 November 2016. Anne Katrine Bolvig Sørensen.

Sabrina Tang Christensen
Topologically, we cannot tell the blue doughnut on the left and the collection of black boxes on the right apart.

2016.11.04 | PhD defence

From image to object - can you tell a doughnut from a picture of a doughnut?

PhD defence, Friday 4 November 2016. Sabrina Tang Christensen.

Mathias Lindh Jørgensen

2016.11.04 | PhD defence

Identification of novel biomarkers of rare circulating tumour cells

PhD defence, Friday 4 November 2016. Mathias Lindh Jørgensen

Helle Knudsen-Leerbeck

2016.11.04 | PhD defence

Dissolved organic matter is an important piece in the fight for nutrients in the Danish coastal areas

PhD Defence, Friday November 4, 2016. Helle Knudsen-Leerbeck

Mads Møller Jensen

2016.11.02 | PhD defence

Interactive Systems and Games for Sports Training

PhD defence, Wednesday 2 November 2016, Mads Møller Jensen

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