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This page is targeted at PhD students already enrolled at GSST. 

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2016.05.17 | Talent development, PhD students

NOVA PhD Course "Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Tools for Analysis and Intervention: Case Mexico"

The course "Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution: Tools for Analysis and Intervention: Case Mexico" is of 5 ECTS and is organised by Adjunct Professor Irmeli Mustalahti, University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences (UEF-F). NOVA course information webpage UEF course webpage and practical…

Ralph Green

2016.05.13 | PhD students

INVITATION: Responsible conduct of research. Prevention is better than cure.

Distinguished professor Ralph Green from University of Califor-nia Davis will give a lecture on responsible conduct of research seen from the US. The lecture will take place on 19 may 2 pm-3.30 pm at the William Scharff Auditorium, Bartholins Allé 3. Building 1250 at the lake side theatres

Photo by Lise Balsby

2016.05.02 | PhD students

GSST secretariat will be closed due to Ascension Day

The GSST secretariat will be closed Thursday, 5 May 2016 and Friday, 6 May 2016 due to Ascension Day.

2016.04.13 | Talent development, PhD students

The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award

Novozymes invites all students and postdocs to participate in The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award 2016. The €5000 award will go to a scientist for the development of an outstanding assay in enzyme research.

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Dennis Vestergaard Pedersen

2016.12.01 | PhD defence

Structural insight into the mechanism of complement factor P as a positive regulator of the alternative pathway of complement

PhD defence, Thursday 1 December 2016. Dennis Vestergaard Pedersen

Mehmet Berat Taskin

2016.11.28 | PhD defence

Functionalized polymer interfaces for advancement of the tissue engineering applications

PhD defence, Sunday, 28 November 2016. Mehmet Berat Taskin

Tianqiang Liu

2016.11.25 | PhD defence

Armed antibody with drug or toxin: a promising weapon to win the “war against cancer”

PhD defence, Friday 25 November 2016. Tianqiang Liu.

Xiaowei Mao

2016.11.21 | PhD defence

Population level genome-wide association studies in dairy cattle

PhD defence, Monday 21 November 2016, Xiaowei Mao

Guilherme de Moura Maciel

2016.11.21 | PhD defence

Milk quality for cheese processing: the impact of some on-farm practices and first processing steps

PhD defense, Monday 21 November 2016. Guilherme de Moura Maciel.

Simon Alan Abel

2016.11.21 | PhD defence

Further Elucidating Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production

PhD defense, Monday 21 November 2016. Simon Abel

Simon Lind Kappel

2016.11.18 | PhD defence

Development and characterization of ear-EEG – towards brain-monitoring in the everyday life

PhD defence, Friday 18 November 2016. Simon Lind Kappel.

Hao Li

2016.11.18 | PhD defence

Convective heat transfer of animal and airflow control in occupant zone

PhD defence, Friday 18 November 2016. Hao Li.

Khagendra Raj Baral

2016.11.17 | PhD defence

Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock slurry and digestates: Sources and regulation

PhD defense, Thursday 17 November 2016. Khagendra Raj Baral.

Guido Grossi
The image shows the molecular rendering of a DNA-made vault that encloses an enzyme (pink). The DNA vault is a dynamic, three-dimensional DNA origami nano-container designed to inhibit and activate enzymes in a user-controlled fashion by compartmentalization. The locks are shown in green and light blue, while the opening keys that trigger the structure open are shown in orange.

2016.11.17 | PhD defence

Controlling enzymes with a DNA nano-vault

PhD defence, Thursday 17 November 2016. Guido Grossi.

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