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This page is targeted at PhD students already enrolled at GSST. 

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2016.09.01 | PhD students

AU Career PhD events

This autumn's events are already scheduled and available for you to register for. Whether you are searching for insight on your job opportunities or how to market yourself, there is an event for you. Check out the event calender here. 

2016.08.24 | PhD students

Expat Reception 2016

Mark the date Saturday 27 August for Expat Reception 2016. Sign up is still open!

2016.08.09 | Talent development, PhD students

Come on, Auntie Gerda – It’s time to hear about my research!

Would you like to learn how to explain your special field of research to a broader audience -  including the media? The PhD course in research dissemination (In Danish only!) is now available for registration at GSSTs transferable course website. The course will run Thursdays in the autumn from  20 October until  24 November 2016…

2016.06.15 | Talent development, PhD students

Call for Applications to the Falling Walls Lab Aarhus

AU Research Support and External Relations - Events and Communication Support would like to call your attention to an innovative scientific format for aspiring researchers – the Falling Walls Lab. The Lab is a platform for PhDs and PhD students from all disciplines who get the opportunity to present their research work, business model,…

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Logi Arnarson

2017.01.27 | PhD defence

Atomic level understanding of the Selective Catalytic Reduction process

PhD defence, Friday 27 January 2017, Logi Arnarson

Bjarke Skyum Donslund

2017.01.25 | PhD defence

Stereoselective HOMO-Raising Organocatalysis – Easy Access to Complex Polycyclic Compounds

PhD defence, Wednesday 25 January 2017, Bjarke Skyum Donslund.

Mattia Sist

2017.01.23 | PhD defence

Crystallography of IV-VI semiconductors and caesium halides

PhD defence, Monday 23 January 2017, Mattia Sist

Lasse Haahr-Lillevang

2017.01.23 | PhD defence

Ultrafast heating of glasses, how does it look?

PhD defence, Monday 23 January 2017, Lasse Haahr-Lillevang

Dennis Ulsøe Nielsen

2017.01.20 | PhD defence

Transforming CO2 into pharmaceuticals

PhD defence, Friday, 20 January 2017. Dennis Ulsøe Nielsen

Ravi Shankar Palani Velayutham

2017.01.19 | PhD defence

NMR Pulse Sequence Design To Manipulate Dipole-Dipole Interactions

PhD defence, Thursday, 19 January 2017. Ravi Shankar Palani Velayutham.

Mie Elholm Birkbak

2017.01.19 | PhD defence

Across the Length Scales – 3D X-ray Imaging of Bone

PhD defence, Thursday, 19 January 2017. Mie Elholm Birkbak.

Tobias Nyholm Wistisen

2017.01.17 | PhD defence

Is the trajectory of a radiating charge predictable or random?

PhD defence, Tuesday 17 January 2017. Tobias Nyholm Wistisen.

Simon Emil Stoltze

2017.01.16 | PhD defence

Approximating loops

PhD defence, Monday 16 January 2017. Simon Stoltze.

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