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New Developments in Model-Based Systems of Systems Engineering (Summer School at Newcastle University, UK) (2014)

Name of course: New Developments in Model-Based Systems of Systems Engineering (Summer School at Newcastle University, UK)

ECTS credits: 2 ECTS

Course parameters:

Language: English

Level of course: PhD level

Time of year:  Summer 2014

Contact hours: 37

Capacity limits: 20 participants

Objectives of the course:

The focus of the Summer School will be the new developments in modelling and analysis of Systems of Systems (SoSs), both in architectural modelling and formal specification.

The objective of the Summer School is to encourage the growth and development of a community of researchers around the COMPASS technology, and to engage interest in a community which includes experts in Model-Based Design, Architectural Modelling and Meta-Modelling, Systems Engineering and Formal Specification. We will achieve this with an intensive five days of tutorials on the COMPASS technologies and tools, and case-study based group exercises.

Learning outcomes and competences:

Participants will be initially trained in the core approach of model-based SoS Engineering, followed by specialised training in either architectural modelling frameworks or formal specification and verification using CML. This will be followed by group exercises combining both these aspects on a small SoS development case study.

Compulsory programme:

Reading background information from Production of research poster, active participation during the summer school including assignments which will be assessed at the end of the summer school

Course contents:

Lectures, theoretical as well as practical assignments using the technology from the COMPASS project.


We welcome applications from PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with a background in Systems of Systems, Systems Engineering, Formal Specification, Component-Based Development, Model-Based Systems Engineering or related disciplines.

Name of lecturer[s]: John Fitzgerald, Steve Riddle (Newcastle University); Peter Gorm Larsen (Aarhus University); Jim Woodcock (University of York).

Type of course/teaching methods:




Course homepage:

Course assessment:

See under compulsory programme.


Aarhus University, Department of Engineering, Newcastle University and University of York.

Special comments on this course:

COMPASS (Comprehensive Modelling for Advanced Systems of Systems) is a consortium of researchers and companies collaborating on model-based techniques for developing and maintaining SoSs, through methods and tools that promote the construction and early analysis of models. The techniques provide different levels of description, starting with a graphical view (in a notation such as SysML) linked to an underlying formal notation, the COMPASS Modelling Language (CML), accessible to stakeholders trained in formal specification. CML provides features for specifying state, functionality and reactive behaviour of constituent systems, and is the first language developed specifically for SoS modelling.


Attendance at the workshop is free. Attendees will need to pay for their own travel and accommodation.

Time: 16-20 June 2014

Place: Newcastle University, UK


Please apply for participation using the online form. In addition, you will need to send a draft poster summarising your background and research interest to the Summer School coordinator, Steve Riddle ( We will inform successful applicants before the end of March.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for applications and posters: Friday 14 March
  • Notification of successful application: Friday 28 March
  • COMPASS Summer School: 16 - 20 Jun
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