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Literature Search and Research Evaluation Molecular Biology and Genetics (2015)

Name of the course: Literature Search and Research Evaluation Molecular Biology and Genetics



Course parameters:

Time of year: Autumn (Tuesday, October 27)

Level of course: PhD course

Capacity limits: 24

Language: English

Objectives of the course:

To make the participants familiar with the most important databases, and enable them to perform qualified searches for relevant scholarly literature.

Learning outcomes and competences:

  • To enable the participants to perform qualified searches – systematic as well as citation searches – in relevant databases
  • To introduce the participants to methods of scientific quality measurements, thus enabling them to understand the basic principles of research evaluation
  • To introduce the basic concept of reference management programs in general and – if requested – to make the participants familiar with the specific reference management program EndNote


Compulsory programme:

The participants must solve the distributed exercises and during the day employ the presented tools on their own PhD project and field of interest. Active participation in the discussions is expected as well.

Course contents:

Structure and content of the databases will be reviewed. With respect to literature searching, emphasis will be on PubMed, and the participants will learn to construct precise search strings by employing the tools (e.g. MeSH) of the database. The focal point of the introduction to Web of Science and Scopus will be cited reference searches. In continuation of this, the issues of “What is scientific quality, and can it be measured?” (‘impact factor’, H-index, research registration, etc.) will be discussed. Furthermore, relevant apps, e-books (dictionaries and encyclopedias), and reference management programs (EndNote) will be presented.




Name of lecturers:

Janne Lytoft Simonsen, MSc PhD, and Annette Balle Sørensen, MSc PhD
State and University Library/AU Library

Type of course/teaching methods:

The lessons will alternate between presentations and exercises at the computer

Course assessment:

Active participation in accordance with the compulsory programme


Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 9:00 to 16:00.


Koll. D (1531-211) (Institut for Matematik)


Deadline; October 20, 2015

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