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“Hands-on targeted and untargeted LC-MS metabolomics with emphasis on measuring phytochemicals in plasma and urine”

ECTS credits 


Course parameters

Language: English

Level of course: PhD

Semester/quarter: one week (5 working days), from 30 October to 3 November 2017

Capacity limits: 16

Expected students total: 14-16                               

Expected students from ANIS: 4

Objectives of the course: The aim of the course is to give an understanding of the differences between untargeted and targeted metabolomics and the possibilities of combining both techniques in the research

Learning outcomes and competences:

After finalizing the course, the students will:

  • Understand the differences in sample preparation between targeted and untargeted metabolomics
  • Be able to prepare the samples for targeted and untargeted metabolomics
  • Be able to optimize the instrument for targeted metabolomics
  • Understand the use of QC samples, internal standards and blank samples
  • Be able to validate the methods
  • Be able to perform quantification of metabolites (targeted)
  • Be able to perform data-processing and clean-up (untargeted)
  • Be able to perform data interpretation using PCA (untargeted)

Compulsory programme

Active participation in the course both weeks and writing of the final report. 

Course contents

The course is mixture between lectures and hands-on laboratory work. The same samples will be used in both targeted and untargeted metabolomics.

The course covers the following topics:

·         Sample preparation

·         Method validation

·         Instrument optimization

·         Quantification with MRM

·         New quantification method MRM3

·         Data-processing and clean-up using DataAnalysis and ProfileAnalysis

·         Data interpretation using  Principal Component Analysis in LatentiX

·         Metabolite identification


This course targets PhD students and researchers within the field of metabolomics.

Name of course leader  

Natalja Pustovalova Nørskov (Natalja.

Name of lecturers

Mette Skou Hedemann (senior researcher)

Natalja P. Nørskov (Postdoc)

Mihai Curtasu (PhD student)

Name of the external lecturer will be announced later. The researcher from Norwegian University of Live Science will give a lecture on Principal Component Analyses.

Laboratory Technicians: Thomas Rebsdorf and Kasper Vrangstrup Poulsen

Lars Bilde Gildbjerg (IT)


Original literature in the form of reviews and papers from international journals will be available on the course homepage later in 2017. It is advisable to read the articles prior to the course. Furthermore one program has to be downloaded beforehand. Other software for data analyses will be installed on the first day of the course. Students will get help to get their software/programs working. The software that student will be introduce to:  Analyst (targeted), DataAnalysis (untargeted), ProfileAnalysis (untargeted), Latentix (PCA plots). Students have to bring their own PC’s. The program that has to be downloaded beforehand is Latentix it is also a good idea to read demos and tutorials on the Latentix homepage.

Course homepage

Course assessment

Participation in the course plus written report (15-20 pages). The report is assessed as “passed” or “not passed”. Presence at minimum 90 % of the course is required to obtain the course diploma.


The course is provided by the Dep. of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Foulum. Foulum is situated 75 km from Aarhus and 15 km from Viborg. Complete address:

Blichers Alle 20

DK-8830 Tjele


Special comments on this course

Participants have to pay for their own accommodation. Since the accommodation will be in Viborg, which is approximately 15 km away from the University, participants has to buy their own bus tickets.

A limited number of rooms have been reserved at DANHOSTEL Viborg, Vinkelvej 36, 8800 Viborg, 


·         In single rooms (including breakfast, linen and towels): 515 DKK per night

·         In double rooms (including breakfast, linen and towels): 365 DKK per night

·         Lodging at DANHOSTEL Viborg has to be paid directly to DANHOSTEL Viborg

Transport from Viborg to AU-Foulum:
The course runs from 09:00 – 16:00 on the first day, from 08:00 – 16:00 on the other days except the last day where it ends after lunch.

There is a bus connection from Viborg directly to AU-Foulum with the following departure times:

From Viborg to AU-Foulum:
07:34 arriving at 08:07;
08:06 arriving at 08:36.

From AU-Foulum to Viborg 

Time October-November 2017

Place: Foulum, Department of Animal Science

Please register here:

Registration deadline is 15 October 2017.

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