Cellular Neurophysiology 2017

Name of course: Cellular Neurophysiology

ECTS credits: 10 ECTS

Course parameters:
Language: English

Level of course: MSc and PhD

Time of year: 28 August - 10 December (weeks 35-49)

No. of contact hours/hours in total incl. preparation, assignment(s) or the like: 180 hours (50 hours of lectures + 70 hours of assignments, 60 hours of reading the text book reference)
Capacity limits: 20

Objectives of the course:

The course covers the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which neurons communicate and the physics and mathematics behind it. Topics covered will be:

·         Mathematical modeling of membranes

·         Electrical properties of excitable membranes

·         Passive dendritic trees (Linear cable)

·         Nonlinear properties of excitable membranes

·         Synaptic inputs

·         Synaptic transmission: postsynaptic

·         Synaptic transmission: presynaptic

·         Synaptic plasticity: short term

·         Synaptic plasticity: long term

Learning outcomes and competences: At the end of the course students should be able to:

·         Theoretical modeling of cell membrane

·         Analyze, review and constructively criticize papers in the field of electrophysiology

·         Design experiments to measure and control electric properties in single neurons as well as signaling properties among neurons.


Compulsory programme:

·         Attendance of lectures

·         Completion of exercise assignments

Course contents:
As described in Objectives of the course

Basic knowledge of calculus and a good grasp of neuroscience at the level provided by classic neuroscience textbooks such as “From Neuron to Brain” by John G. Nicholls et al.

Name of lecturers:

Sadegh Nabavi, e-mail: snabavi@dandrite.au.dk , DANDRITE (main lecturer)

Marco Capogna, e-mail: marco.capogna@biomed.au.dk , Biomedicine & DANDRITE (co-lecturer)

Hanne Poulsen, e-mail: hp@mbg.au.dk , Molecular Biology and Genetics & DANDRITE (co-lecturer)

Madeny Belkhiri, e-mail: madeny.belkhiri@dandrite.au.dk , Molecular Biology and Genetics & DANDRITE (co-lecturer)

Type of course/teaching methods:
lectures, seminars, and exercises


Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology by Daniel Johnston and Samuel Miao-Sin Wu; From Neuron to Brain by John G. Nicholls et al.; analysis of presentation of classical and current relevant literature

Other notable references: The Synaptic Organization of the Brain by Shepherd Gordon; Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes by Bertil Hille; Biophysics of Computation: Information processing in Single Neurons by Christof Koch; Arfken, Weber and Harris: Mathematical Methods for Physicists.

Course homepage:

Course assessment:
The PhD students will present a given topic for the fellow students during the course and completion of final term paper.


Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Special comments on this course:

Time: 28 August - 10 December (weeks 35-49). Exact time to be announced

Place: To be announced


Deadline for registration is 15 August 2017.

For registration: Please send an e-mail to Sadegh Nabavi, e-mail: snabavi@dandrite.au.dk

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