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Forms and templates

Validation of Master's Programme

PhD students who study their Master's in parallel to a PhD programme must fill in a plan for their Master’s courses.  This will enable the Head of Master’s Programme and the study administration to validate the content of the Master’s programme and issue a valid Master’s degree diploma. The plan for the Master’s courses must be filled in immediately after admission to GSST, and be attached to the PhD plan.

You must fill in the Master's contract (in Danish: “Kandidatkontrakt”) electronically through the Contract generator(in Danish: “Kontraktgenerator”). You will have to either create a new contract or edit your previous one. You must choose the Master’s contract template and then tick off the box ‘PhD student’. The template will then display a qualifying exam instead of a Master’s thesis. When you press the button Send, the contract will be sent to the relevant Head of Master’s programme for approval. When the approved contract is returned to you from the Head of Master’s Programme, you must export a PDF version and attach it to your PhD plan under the plan element ’Other activities’ and name it ’Master’s programme’.

Qualifying exam

Registration for qualifying exam no later than 3 weeks before submission of the progress report, i.e. no later than 6 weeks before the actual exam date. Please use the following form:

Registration form

Finishing the PhD study and the defence

In connection with finishing the PhD studies/submitting the dissertation and the defence, the PhD student must submit co-author statement(s) and the Permission for lending.

Co-author statement:

Co-author statement for single publication

Co-author statement for multiple publications

Permission for lending:

Permission for lending


Announcement of the PhD defence:

For announcement of the PhD defence, the PhD student should prepare a résumé. Please see the following description:

Description for résumé (English) - for a Danish description, click 'Danish' in the top right corner.

Template for résumé in (English) (Danish)

In connection with finishing the PhD studies/submitting the dissertation and the defence, the main supervisor must prepare a Main supervisor statement (send by e-mail) as well as fill in the form External members of the assessment committee:

Assessment committee:

Members of the assessment committee, incl. Rules of Impartiality (GSST)

In connection with the PhD defence, the assessment committee may use the following information and forms (members of the assessment committee will also receive this information via e-mail):  

Information on being a PhD assessment committee member

Honorarium form - for international assessment committee members

Honorarium form/oplysningsskema  - for Danish assessment committee members

Reimbursement for travel expenses - guide and form


Please contact your PhD partner at GSST


Please see the quick guide on illness for more information  

Maternity/paternity leave and adoption

For PhD students with a Master’s degree, who are employed at AU, please see AU HR's site about maternity/paternity leave:

In Danish

In English

For PhD students with no master’s degree (3+5/4+4 on part A):

Please contact your PhD Partner at GSST

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