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Photo: Christina Troelsen

2018.01.30 | Talent development, PhD students

Staff parking at AU Campus

From 1 February 2018, there will be more parking areas reserved for employees at AU. These include the majority of parking spaces around ST buildings in the University Park. If you want to use the parking spaces, and you don’t already have a parking permit, you should register your car at

2018.01.28 | Talent development, PhD students

Registration for Information's PhD Cup 2018

The newspaper ‘Information’ will conduct PhD Cup in cooperation with DR and the Lundbeck Foundation

2018.01.23 | Talent development, PhD students

New entrepreneurial incubator available for PhD students at Aarhus University

PHD-HUB FOULUM is a new incubator ready to help PhD students within natural sciences develop their own business ideas or find jobs in private companies. Agro Business Park launches the incubator and Aarhus University is an affiliate partner.

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Aliakbar Kamari

2018.03.26 | PhD defence

Implementation and Assessment of a Holistic Sustainable Building Renovation

Double degree PhD defence, Monday 26 March 2018, Aliakbar Kamari.

Malene Thostrup Pedersen
27Al MQMAS NMR spectrum (14.1 T) of ye’elimite and a structural drawing of the eight independent aluminium sites in orthorhombic ye’elimite. The spectrum shows an improved resolution of the different aluminium sites in the F1 dimension due to elimination of the second-order quadrupole broadening.

2018.03.23 | PhD defence

Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement – an Approach to Lower the CO2 Emission From Cement Production

PhD defense, Friday 23 March 2018, Malene Thostrup Pedersen.

Aimei Wang

2018.03.23 | PhD defence

Diseases Detection in Onions - Can Onions Talk Through Volatiles?

PhD defence, Friday 23 March 2018, Aimei Wang.

Maéva Mollion

2018.03.23 | PhD defence

Inference on Adaptation From Population Genomics Data

PhD defense, Friday 23 March 2018, Maéva Mollion.

Larissa Zetouni

2018.03.16 | PhD defence

How to breed for environmentally friendly livestock: approaches to reduce methane emissions from dairy cows

PhD defence, Friday 16 March 2018, Larissa Zetouni

Rikke Munk

2018.03.16 | PhD defence

Steroid Hormones, Fearfulness and Performance in Sport Horses

PhD defence, Friday 16 March 2018, Rikke Munk.

Søren Kirkegaard Nielsen

2018.03.15 | PhD defence

Novel technology for site-specific tillage and seeding

PhD defence, Thursday 15 March 2018, Søren Kirkegaard Nielsen

Mohammad Sedigh Jasour

2018.03.15 | PhD defence


PhD defence, Thursday 15 March 2018, Mohammad Sedigh Jasour.

Ellen Marie Jensen Hedegaard

2018.03.14 | PhD defence

Advanced Crystal Growth of Semiconductors with Tailored Properties

PhD defense, Wednesday, 14 March 2018, Ellen Marie Jensen Hedegaard.

Søren Roesgaard Nielsen
Illustration of tin nanocrystal embedded in silicon with the elements highlighted in the periodic table.

2018.03.13 | PhD defence

Optical and structural studies of nanoscale light emitters

PhD defence, Tuesday 13 March 2018, Søren Roesgaard Nielsen

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