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2018.01.12 | Talent development, PhD students

Be a part of the "Book A Scientist 2018"

The Book a Scientist scheme is part of the nationwide Danish Science Festival that takes place from 20 - 26 April 2018. The annual Danish Science Festival is organised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and consists of more than 600 events and 75.000 visitors. In 2017, Book a Scientist had almost 28.000 participants, 524 talks and 294…

2017.12.05 | PhD students, Talent development

Special initiatives to promote constructive communication at AU

In the coming semester, there will be a special focus on ‘constructive communication’ at Aarhus University. In connection with this campaign, managers, members of liaison committees and the occupational health and safety organisation have been invited to participate in workshops designed to help them lead the way in promoting constructive…

2017.12.05 | PhD students, Talent development

Cross-institutional PhD course in Bioimaging

Get a seat at the first cross-institutional PhD course in Bioimaging across Denmark involving KU, SDU, AU and DTU. The course will take place from 30 January to 10 April 2018.

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Alessandro Malusà

2018.03.12 | PhD defence

Geometric Quantisation, the Hitchin-witten Connection and Quantum Operators in Complex Chern-simons Theory

PhD defence, Monday 12 March 2018, Alessandro Malusà.

Jean-Baptiste Lopez
Rcc inoculation of a barley leaf. A) 12dpi symptoms of the RLS
disease after inoculation with Rcc. B) Confocal observation of DK05-GFP at
12 dpi on a Fairy tale leaf. Picture courtesy of Stefano Visentin

2018.03.12 | PhD defence

Understanding emerging plant disease: the role of effectors in the Ramularia collo-cygni barley interaction

PhD defence, Monday 12 March 2018, Jean-Baptiste Lopez

Shuqing Teng

2018.03.08 | PhD defence

Cultural Evolution and Environmental Change – a Case Study From Ancient China

PhD defence, Thursday 8 March 2018, Shuqing Teng.

Caroline Ernberg Simonsen

2018.03.05 | PhD defence

Wildlife-agriculture conflict: a case study of the pink-footed goose

PhD defence, Monday 5 March 2018. Caroline Ernberg Simonsen.

Nils Byg Jørgensen

2018.02.23 | PhD defence

Observation of Bose Polarons in a Quantum Gas Mixture

PhD defence, Friday 23 February 2018, Nils Byg Jørgensen.

Michal M. Urbanczyk

2018.02.22 | PhD defence

Biocides in Building Materials: Factors Influencing Leaching and Phototransformation Processes

PhD defence, Thursday 22 February 2018, Michal M. Urbanczyk.

Rasmus Rumph Frederiksen

2018.02.21 | PhD defence

Interaction Between Groundwater and Streams in the Western Part of Denmark

PhD defence Wednesday 21 February 2018, Rasmus Rumph Frederiksen.

Fabian Arnold

2018.02.20 | PhD defence

Manipulating the electronic properties of atomically thin transition metal chalcogenides.

PhD defence, Tuesday 20 February 2018. Fabian Arnold

Arlette Sohanfo Ngankeu
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy images of 1T-TaS2 taken at 90 meV below the Fermi level at different temperatures (at ≈ 340 K in the nearly commensurate charge density wave phase (left) and at ≈ 600 K in the normal phase (right)) and photon energies of 96 eV (left) and 75 eV (right).

2018.02.20 | PhD defence

Transition metal dichalcogenides, excellent candidates for next generation technologies

PhD defence, Tuesday 20 February 2018. Arlette Sohanfo Ngankeu.

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