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2016.11.30 | PhD students, Knowledge exchange

DESIGN THINKING for Scientists (DT for ST)

Would you like to translate your scientific discoveries and knowledge towards the real-world? Do you want to see if “Innovation” is something that you can do? Then maybe you need to add a new method/tool to your Arsenal.The Entrepreneurship Unit at the ST Faculty is offering a free workshop series on the new paradigm of “Design Thinking” to…

2016.11.02 | Students, Events

PhD Career Day 2016

PhD Career Day 2016 will provide you with a strong and useful basis for at great start to your professional career. Join this event and get a unique opportunity to display your qualities and skills to a range of different companies. As a PhD student, you will have the opportunity to exchange academic competencies and interests and network with…

2016.10.05 | PhD students

Learn more about how to get your research published

On 23 November 2016 the four Graduate Schools at Aarhus University are hosting a joint PhD course focusing on the technique in writing a good scientific abstract. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines and there will be an opportunity for getting personal feedback on your writing. To learn more about the course and how…

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Xiaoqiong Li

2017.02.20 | PhD defence

Skatole production in the pig gut

PhD defence, Monday 20 February 2017. Xiaoqiong Li.

Betina Fejerskov

2017.02.17 | PhD defence

SMEPT: A new approach of specialized drug delivery via directed enzyme-prodrug therapy incorporated into polymer matrices.

PhD defence, Friday 17 February 2017. Betina Fejerskov

Ananda Scherner

2017.02.15 | PhD defence

The battle against annual grass weeds in winter cereals – understanting crop rotation and tillage effects

PhD Defense, Wednesday 15 February 2017, Ananda Scherner

Femke van Diggelen

2017.02.10 | PhD defence

Sorting out the complexity of α-Synuclein oligomers for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

PhD defence, Friday 10 February 2017. Femke van Diggelen.

2017.02.06 | PhD defence

Historicizing Anthropocene Landscapes in Africa

PhD defence, Monday 6 February 2017, Colin Brewster Hoag

Anders A. Søndergaard

2017.02.03 | PhD defence

Rotation and alignment of molecules solvated in superfluid helium nanodroplets

PhD defence, Friday 3 February 2017. Anders A. Søndergaard

Dan Karup Marning

2017.02.01 | PhD defence

Soil texture holds the key for rapid determination of soil hydraulic properties in agriculture

PhD defence, Wednesday 1 February 2017, Dan Karup Marning

Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh

2017.02.01 | PhD defence

Utilising modern hardware for skyline and skycube computation: From the CPU to the GPU and back again

PhD defence, Wednesday 1 February 2017, Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh

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