PhD defences

Dan Søndergaard

2018.05.23 | PhD defence

Learning From Biological Data: Methods and Applications

PhD defence, Wednesday 23 May 2018, Dan Søndergaard.

Katrine Raundrup

2018.05.02 | PhD defence

Should I Stay or Should I Go – Movement Patterns and Resource Selection in West Greenland Caribou

PhD defence, Wednesday 2 May 2018, Katrine Raundrup.

Teng Hu

2018.04.25 | PhD defence

Exploring managements practices that enhance the soil organic carbon content in cropping systems

PhD defence, Wednesday 25 April, Teng Hu

Mikkel Fly Kragh

2018.04.20 | PhD defence

Self-driving Tractors – Increasing Safety with Obstacle Detection in 3D

PhD defence, Friday 20 April 2018, Mikkel Fly Kragh.

Miran Hasanagic

2018.04.17 | PhD defence

Executability of Software Models – Exploring Models for Distributed Systems and Constraint Programming

PhD defense, Tuesday 17 April 2018, Miran Hasanagic.

Mads Mørk Jensen
Image showing a flask containing the oil-like extract of the product from hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin.

2018.04.13 | PhD defence

Exploring the Complex Mixture of Phenolic Chemicals from Lignin Biorefining

PhD defense, Friday 13 April 2018, Mads Mørk Jensen.

James Henty Williams

2018.04.12 | PhD defence

Don’t Forget Humans and Their Peculiarities: Are Human Related Uncertainties a Blind Spot for Adaptive Nature Management?

PhD defence, Thursday 12 April 2018, James Henty Williams.

Ewa Molska

2018.04.10 | PhD defence

Diverse RNA classes use common maturation pathways

PhD defense, Tuesday 10 April 2018 Ewa Molska

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