Applications are now open for the LEADER Summer School 2013

The LEADER summer programme addresses the training needs of future research leaders in the complementary skills required to lead large-scale, collaborative research programmes and projects involving partners from multiple sectors (industry, business and/or public sector as well as academic institutions).

2013.04.30 | Ida Marie Gerdes

This innovative, international and highly prestigious course provides PhD students with skills such as intellectual property management, communication, networking, fundraising, intercultural collaboration, entrepreneurship, team work and leadership skills. It will deliver tailored, inspirational, professional skills training through facilitated workshops to small groups of young researchers. The training will be put into a context and exemplified in seminars led by internationally renowned academic researchers who themselves are engaged in collaborative research within various thematic areas.

Colleagues from business and industry will be involved in the delivery of training to ensure diversity of delivery and focus as well as to establish strong outreach potential.

LEADER course webpages
The LEADER summer course webpages are now live. You can find them here:

The course is aimed at PhD researchers who are more than one year into their studies (with priority given to those in their final year).  There is an online application form and applicants should upload their transcripts, motivation letter, CV and letter of support from their supervisor.

The application deadline is the 24th of May (new deadline).

The direct link to the application page is here:

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