Come on, Auntie Gerda – It’s time to hear about my research!

2016.08.09 | Liselotte Kaspersen

Would you like to learn how to explain your special field of research to a broader audience -  including the media?
The PhD course in research dissemination (In Danish only!) is now available for registration at GSSTs transferable course website.

The course will run Thursdays in the autumn from  20 October until  24 November 2016 with 7 course days in total including an overnight stay at ‘Molslaboratoriet’.
The course will have various guest lecturers such as journalists from different companies and media as well as journalists from AU communication.

You can read  three PhD students’ report on the research dissemination course here.

Please note that deadline for registration is Tuesday, 20 September 2016.    

Talent development, PhD students
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