Cross-institutional PhD course in Bioimaging

Get a seat at the first cross-institutional PhD course in Bioimaging across Denmark involving KU, SDU, AU and DTU. The course will take place from 30 January to 10 April 2018.

2017.12.05 | Nanna Maria Elgaard Pedersen

The course is a unique opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art techniques from experts across Denmark and build a network within the field of Bioimaging. The course is relevant for PhD students within medicine, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, nano-bioscience, pharmaceutical sciences, agricultural science or biology.

The emphasis of the course is a tour of all bioimaging techniques available in Denmark and will cover subjects like live cell imaging, spinning disk microscopy, electron microscopy, photoactivated localization microscopy, single particle techniques, structured illumination, stimulated emission depletion microscopy, imaging of neurons and cell migration.

For more information on the course and registration, please see the course website

PhD students, Talent development
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