The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is undertaking an analysis of the quality of the Danish PhD programme.

The analysis entails electronic surveys among PhD students, supervisors and foreign assessors of PhD theses.

2016.06.02 | Liselotte Kaspersen

AU Herning study life

Photo by Maria Randima

The research firm Moos-Bjerre og Lange undertakes the practical aspects of the survey, which will be open in June 2016.

All PhD students, supervisors and foreign asssessors, which in the period from 1 April 2014 to 1 April 2016 has assessed a PhD thesis, will be invited to participate in the survey. We hope very much on your participation. A high response rate across institutions and academic disciplines is important to obtain valid results.

The surveys have been made by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and has been cleared in a consultation procedure with the participating institutions.

Questions regarding practical aspects of the survey can be sent to or consultant Anders V. Riis at Moos-Bjerre og Lange (+4530242927). General questions about the analysis can be directed to Head of Section Martin Andersen in the Danish Agency for Higher Education (+4572318618).

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