Head of PhD school

The GSST head of PhD school is the vice-dean for talent development and is responsible for the organisation of PhD studies within the legal framework laid down by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Ministerial Order no. 1039 of 27 august 2013) and the GSST Rules and regulations.

The head of PhD school:

  1. Is responsible for the admission of students
  2. Is responsible for regular quality assurance evaluations of the PhD school
  3. Is responsible for the individual PhD study programmes
  4. Makes recommendations to the dean regarding the appraisal of the PhD studies and supervises the implementation of suggested changes
  5. Appoints the PhD supervisors
  6. Appoints chairs and members of the programme committees
  7. Reports to the dean on all matters of significance for the PhD students, such as fellowships and scholarships awarded, paid employment, examinations, etc.
  8. Reviews complaints concerning PhD study matters.

The current head of PhD school is professor Jes Madsen.

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