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Handing in

In relation to the submission of the dissertation please notice the following matters.

The dissertation:

You must send your dissertation to GSST as a pdf file. We will distribute the pdf to the members of the assessment committe, supervisors, department etc. Please contact the PhD Partner responsible for your field.

Co-author statements:

If any of the articles included in the dissertation are written in cooperation with others you must include co-author statements.

The co-author statements must be returned to GSST as one assembled pdf-file at the same time as the dissertation is handed in. Please be aware that formally speaking the PhD dissertation will only have been handed in when GSST has received all co-author statements along with the dissertation. Template is available here.

Permission for lending:

You must fill in a permission for lending and hand it in to GSST at the same time as submitting the PhD dissertation. Template is available here under 'Defence'.


Make sure that your articles and the dissertation are registered in PURE.

Resumé and photo:

Please send résumé and photo electronically to GSST no later than two weeks after handing in the dissertation. It will be used when GSST announce the PhD defence. For non-Danish speaking students, we hope that the main supervisor will be of assistance in connection with preparing the résumé. Please read more about how to write the résumé here.

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Revised 05.11.2018